Greetings commanders and congratulations to you all on a very successful Shattergrounds Campaign.

With the conclusion of  Phase 2  we’ve once again  collected more of our favorite Battle Reports submitted by you the players. There were so many great reports submitted we really struggled to narrow it down to just these reports, in fact there were so many quality reports submitted we’ve had to break this article into two in order to fit them all in. 

These reports stood out to us for their use of interesting narrative, great tables, amazing minis, quality writeups and overall quality production.      

Remember that if your favorite report isn’t here don’t worry, we couldn’t possibly cover them all and your own high review ratings in the campaign system count far more than our opinions here.

We start with a set of linked reports from MarinaSau playing Tohaa against gravitypool playing Nomads. It was great to see Tohaa in action in the campaign and these reports were easy to follow and feature great comic sound effects. Gravitypool’s report also features an amazing video where he breaks down the game turn by turn, well worth a watch. 

Another great report featuring an initial setup video from WilfredoZone playing Combined Army against Yolelito playing JSA. A nice report with easy to follow photos with a bit of narrative thrown in for good measure. 

An amazing report now from commander Frodo playing Haqqislam against DerSchneider playing Ariadna. This report is so detailed and the work done on the photos really bring the narrative to life, a great report well worth a read.

Another report featuring Tohaa this time from commander Nolimon playing Tohaa and his opponent Chris playing Haqqislam. What stood out the most in this report was the gorgeous docks table and those amazingly well painted spaceships. I’ll be tracking those ships down myself now to add them to my collection. 

A report now from King_of_Giraffe  playing Haqqislam versus Old Swine Lee playing Yu Jing. This report’s use of photos to convey the narrative was top notch, a lot of work has clearly gone into adding all those after effects and the unit icons are a great touch. 

A report with some great narrative and artwork from commander Neon as JSA versus Gehrkegamemaster as Ariadna. The artwork accompanying the introductory narrative is great and the report has some easy to follow photos that show the units in action. Great work guys. 

A report from the hotly contested Montalban Marina & Yacht Club featuring commanderrs Orvar playing  PanOceania against Cmdr Jameson playing Nomads. Some great terrain here which really matched the theme of the mission. 

A report now with a separate playthrough and accompanying narrative section that caught our eye featuring Kommander Kraken as Haqqislam playing Wizardlizard1130 as JSA. Lots of great photos in this report that shows off the pre-painted Warsenal terrain really well. Having both a playthrough and narrative in the report like this was inspired, very well done!

A report from a game that was clearly played at a thriving local gaming club from Kittenmarines playing PanOceania against DeBoe playing Combined Army. We liked this report as it shows how a mix of terrain types from the cardboard start set terrain to 3D printed pieces can be combined to make a great gaming table alongside an entertaining story. 

Two reports now from Yu-Jing commander Old Swine Lee, the first against coldpzza playing O-12 and the second against knightofmoon playing Ariadna. We liked these reports for the beautiful tables and how nice the painted minis were. If Old Swine Lee could post the recipe for that turquoise armor in the comments, several of us would be very grateful! 

Two more reports from Haqqislam commander King_of_Giraffe against pstpo5858 playing O-12 in the first report and Therianthrope playing Ariadna in the second. Both of these were singled out for the high quality of their photos and how nice the tables looked. 

A report from TimBotB playing Nomads against Draugr playing PanOceania that we thought deserved a mention for the use of unit icons to show the initial deployment of both armies. It makes the report very easy to follow and we thought that deserved recognition. 

A highly detailed report from Nomads commander VeryFastPanda against their Yu Jing opponent  LucaGirolami. The terrain and narrative were both great in this report but more importantly VeryFastPanda reported this mission even though they lost which is something all commanders should strive to emulate.

A report now from a battle fought as part of a tournament in a gaming store showing that any game can be a campaign game if you get the agreement of your opponent. In this report Thanan Rollice playing PanOceania squared off against MrMorphine482 playing Yu Jing on a pretty gnarly table that features lots of MDF terrain and what looks to be repurposed Kinder Eggs? 

A report where all the action is conveyed in a short narrative section from commander  Darkness playing Haqqislam against UNICORN playing Ariadna. We thought the short story presented here was very well written and it’s well worth your time to read. 

One of the best battle reports submitted in the entire campaign comes from Nomads commander WiseKensai and their JSA opponent TheDiceAbide. Everything about this report is absolutely top notch; they used the new Resilience Operations mode from ITS 15 and presented  everything so clearly, the initial narrative presented as excerpts from Comlogs are so well done as are the photos of the deployment zone with each and every unit’s position marked out. There’s so much detail in the photos with the comic speech bubbles and sound effects, there’s also a post game analysis from WiseKensai that is excellently written. This is the gold standard of battle reports, amazing work and congratulations to you both.

Another really high quality Battle report comes to us from Haqqislam commander Danger Rose against Nomads commander KittyRock. This report reads like a graphic novel and a lot of work has gone into the artwork for this report. A fantastic report and well worth taking the time to read and appreciate the effort that went into its production.

Two reports from JSA commander Tucha that are worth a mention for their excellent presentation. Their first report was against PanOceania commander Akira while their second was against Haqqislam commander Tartaron Both are comparatively short reports but they convey a lot of information in an easily digestible format. 

Another report presented in a pseudo comic book style from JSA commander Itami versus Haqqislam commander 8CLUCHNIC8. Some nice simple yet beautiful terrain on show here as well. 

A beautifully presented and well written report from Haqqislam commander theGricks and their Yu Jing opponent WarpChargedGaming that was amongst the best written reports of the campaign. Combining well written narrative, excellent & descriptive photos and a stunning urban table this is a report that’s well worth your time to read in its entirety. 

Another narrative report where things start out normal and then get…weird. Featuring Yue Fei playing Yu Jing and Sir Wall playing PanOceania this mission managed to incorporate some of the community created narrative into its story to great effect. 

A fairly straightforward report from Nomads commander Tcional versus PanOceania commander Eustach, this report was very cleanly presented and was simple to follow. 

An astoundingly well written report from Ariadna commander Epistaxis and their Haqqislam opponent TravelinYake that shows that even the most basic table setups can be used to craft entertaining narratives. I hope you consider submitting some content to future campaigns Epistaxis because your writing is quality work. 

We’ll finish Part 1 of our article with this meme laden report from Nomads commander Desanges and their Haqqislam opponent Kampilan. There’s so much going on in this report that references the narrative created by the community during the campaign and I keep spotting little details that make me laugh. A great report that gets funnier the more you read it.

That’s all we can fit in for Part 1 of our favorite reports submitted for Phase 2 of the Shattergrounds campaign. There are many, many more reports to come in Part 2 so if your favorite report hasn’t been featured yet it might well show up there. 

Until next time, thanks again to all the participants who took part in Infinity Shattergrounds you’re the community of players who make these campaigns so enjoyable and memorable.