Winter Blizzard Sabotage okolnir

VS Ariadna

The battle happens at the Ariadna occupied city base. In the middle of winter season, Svalarheima’s forces gathered to sabotage the Ariadna Tartary servers to shut down the City communication link.

300 pts battle Svalarheima's vs Tartary
other view of the terrain of battle
300 pts Svalarheima's raiding force lead by Captain Uma Sorensen. With the help from Knight Hospitalers.
FT harris Knights and Vargar security team covering the middle and left side.
Fusiliers + Gunnar & Uma FT core. ArO support from right side.
The battle starts from Tartary having the first initiative. Biker gangs try to move forward claiming the middle using smoke grenades.
Guarded by Vargar with Rocket Launcher, the motor gangs tries to make way with smoke launchers.
Vargar ArO fire wins the roll and killed 2 bikers in a blast template.
Proud and happy Vargar (heavy rocket launcher).
Tartary FT core marches forward to claim the middle console.
wild Tartary ambush Scout with Ohotnik appeared. and exchanged some fire with vargars - Boyg - hospitaler - Fusilier core. The core also managed to capture the console with 2 tries.
Tartary scout managed to take down the Vargar HrL and forcing Boyg to prone.
The Scout also succeed killing Fusilier with missile launcher. Then the scout is taken down by Hospitaler with multi rifle.
Tartary FT core exchange fire with Knight Hospitaler, forcing Hospitaler to back down to take full cover.
Having 1 order token left, Tartary force take the last shot with Veteran Kazak to Captain Uma Sorensen which is open after moving deep forwardto enemy half table.
The lucky Captain managed to win the ArO roll and Veteran Kazaks is taken down with 2 hits from breaker Combi rifle. Having no BTS is painful. Ariadna 1st round ends.
1st Svalarheima's turn, starts from Knight Kospitaler doctor succeed in healing the unconcious Vargar, then the Vargars reform the harris and moving forward to deal with Tartary FT core.
Vargar with Heavy flamethrower goes forward facing 3 Tartary FT core. All the 2 Tartary unit failed the dodge and 1 with Heavy Machine gun fires back.
All 3 Tartary core is taken down by Heavy flamethrower, Vargar unit also dies from ArO fire. a good exchange I say. (somehow the sniper survived the fire armor save).
Shona Carano leap down and duel CC with the last soldier of Tartary FT core. CC combat won by Shona Carano and the last of Tartary FT core is down.
Shona Carano also kill the Dog Warrior with submachine gun. hence the left side is cleared.
Having no Guard ArO left. Gunnar Lundmark march forward take the mid console and then take down the nearest Server with Trench-Hammer. The round ends with Total destruction of Tartary force vanguards and Tartary concede the battle.

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