Shattering on Edda

VS Combined Army

On this battle we want to try other missions from its 14, so we rolled Frostbyte. This is Frostbyte 300 pst battle Military Orders vs Morat Aggression Forces.

The terrain used from the last game with some different placements from the buildings and added heavy trucks to add more variation.
300 pts Military Order force lead by Jeanne ver-2 reinforced with TaG seraph (spitfire) and Teutonic mix with crossiers FT core.
300 pts of Morats. (pardon me for not remembering the units name expect Kaitok)
MO FT core zone defended by Black Friar and Crossier Msv, guarding the Middle zone.
Seraph and supports deployment. Guarding the left side.
Jeanne-2 FT harris guarding the right side.
Morats snipers FT harris. guarding the right & middle zone.
The round starts from Morrat having 1st initiative, Morat FT core move forward lead by Kaitok.
Morat FT core advance is halted by Black friar. Kaitok and Black friar exchange some fire. Black friar won the roll and Kaitok burned to death by Heavy rocket launcher ArO.
Morat Ft core tries to advance also avenge Kaitok by firing Heavy Machinegun to Black Friar, both side rolls 1 crit roll and nothing happen. (this roll happen twice in a row.)
After 4th try. Black Friar lost the fire roll and got taken down by HmG weapon. lack of orders left, Morat FT core fall back and take some safe positioning behing the middle zone. Hence Morat turn ends.
Military Order 1st move, is moving Jeanne-2 Harris team with extra caution to deal with the Morat Snipers team.
Jeanne-2 harris team managed to reach the bad sniper range, also managed to kill R-Drones and 1 Daturazi. with some orders Jeanne-2 managed to destroy the Snipers Harris team with Spitfire, the right side is dominated by Jeanne harris team.
Also bonus classified Objective "Net Undermine" done by knight Hospitaler (Boarding shotgun).
Jeanne-2 Harris team securing the right side of the map up to the Morat Depoyment zone.
The last few orders is to move Seraph up and Suppresive fire state to guard the mid consoles. Military Order turn ends.
Having only half the force left, Morats decided to try claiming two of the mid consoles. starts from Rindak paramedic succeed claiming the left side console, also miraculously survived the Suppresive ArO from Seraph. then Rindak hide down behind the box.
Morat FT core march to the middle Console. getting desperate to claim it.
2 units died to claim the middle console and all Morats heater activated. Morat turn2 ended by repositioning some of the units to guard the heaters.
MO round 2 begins by activating Jeanne harris team using Brother Konstantinos to claim the last avaible comsole and 1 Classified objective HVT: Identity check. 3 orders needed to claim both of these.
Jeanne FT harris marching to the Morats heater with caution.
Seraph jumps flying forward with Auxbot, Auxbot fires the Heavy flamethrower at the Morat medic, the medic burned to death.
Jeanne harris team charges forward. Knight Hospitaler (boarding shotgun) charges the remaining 2 unit of FT core morats, killing both of em also gets 1 wound on the process. Jeanne-2 charge the console and managed to destroy 1 of the heaters.
Jeanne harris team charge the second Heater also destroyed the heater with one order. Having no more able units left, Morats Agrression force concede the battle hence the game ends with MO total victory.
The MvP goes to this Haris team. Indigo brother konstantinos kills 2 daturazis, activate 1 console and get 1 classified mission. Knight Hospitaler clears the remining FT core with shotgun and get one of the Classified objective. Jeanne ver-2 clears all the snipers and destroy both heaters. this FT harris works in harmony winning the game by dominating the right side of the map.

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