Training with Tryhards 3: Once More Unto the Breach

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Yu Jing
Adm. Philip von Kruse
Captain Jag Kara

“Zhao. I see you in the doorway. You are hesitating again, which means it can only be bad news.”

“… Yes Admiral, but nothing we haven’t seen before”

“So.. I am guessing it was the follow-up on Aleph’s proverbial home turf?”

“Yes, and it went as the last few.. But there is a bit of a complication.”

“… Elaborate. Now.”

“Well Admiral, one of our troops performed some sort of miracle or incredible statistical anomaly”


“Well… A non-assisted, normal human soldier managed to dodge *several* missiles. And one of the missiles detonated right next to her without it leaving any paint on her. Oh, and she somehow *deflected* a missile with an instinctual movement of her arm using the gauntlet?”

“…. Zhao, is this some sick joke on your part or?…”

“No Admiral, I am completely serious.”

“What you are describing is all but impossible Zhao.”

“*All but* Admiral. And it has several research institutes gushing.”

“Well, such performance, if true, is worthy of a commendation. Who am I writing this out to before the eggheads kidnap them?”

“Xiu Min, sir.”

“… “In light of recent achievements during high-performance exercises, I am proud to present you with…”

“Sorry to interrupt you Admiral, but I assume you want the usual summary?”

“Yes Zhao, I do. Also, get some good whiskey. There is no way in hell I am not sending a bottle along with this commendation.”

“As you wish Admiral.”

The battle was a close one despite the score, with YJ initially getting the upper hand by downing Makhe and moving hackers up on Hyppolita. Sadly, the spotlight hacks failed, and the situation began deteriorating from there, resulting in minor losses for Aleph, and the entire team being down or “dead” for Yu Jing in this exercise, ending in 10-0 to Aleph.

Map prior to deployment.
Yu Jing wins the roll-off and takes first turn. This is the overall deployment.
And this is Yu Jing's deployment on the Left Flank with the few units that couldn't be seen on the other picture.
Aleph deployment Right Flank
Aleph Deployment Left Flank
Yu Jing Turn 1: The Rui Shi gets downed trying to take down Makhe. Smoke is thrown so the Hsien can give it a go and he succeeds, but the Makhe doesn't die. The team then moves up to try and target Hyppolita with Spotlight, but it fails repeatedly. The Zhanying in sight of LRL survives two rockets. Also, one Lamedh gets downed by the Lu Duan (now revealed).
Yu Jing Turn 1 Continued: The downed Makhe mentioned earlier.
Aleph Turn 1: After many, many attempts, the Zhanying on the stairs sadly died to an incoming missile, though she did dodge and tank several, along with some missing (approx. 6 if memory serves). This was in fact the biggst sink of orders on the part of Aleph. Hyppolita then subsequently murdered the other Zhanying, breaking the team. The Myrmidon team peeked and downed the Lu Duan. The Thorakite Medic got the Makhe up again.
Aleph Turn 1 continued: The Makhe getting revived, as mentioned earlier.
Yu Jing Turn 2: The Hsien tries to kill Warcor and fails, then tries to kill Myrmidon and fails, gets blinded and withdraws since Hyppolita creeps closer via. dodges.
Yu Jing Turn 2 Continued: The position the Hsien withdrew to for a measure of safety, given that he was stunned.
Aleph Turn 2: Hyppolita, being spiteful and whatnot, hunts down the stunned Hsien LT to splash paint all over him. She sadly succeeds. After this, she withdraws and Aleph starts preparations.
Aleph Turn 2 Continued: The Myrms create a crossfire in anticipation of dealing with the remaining Kuang Shi's.
Aleph Turn 2 Continued again: The Makhe, not wanting to be left out, also sets up for crossfire.
Yu Jing Turn 3: First, the Yaokong attempts to shoot Hyppolita with two missiles, but sadly one misses and the other is trumped by an eclipse grenade. Following this, the Kuang Shi team moves up to template peeps, with one dying in the move. The Myrm LT gets NWI'ed, one Myrm gets downed and a Kuang Shi explodes on Hyppolita, causing a wound.
Aleph Turn 3: The Makhe targets two missiles at the Kuang Shi team and all of them "die" getting absolutely splattered in paint.
Aleph Turn 3 Continued: Hyppolita moves in to finish off the only remaining YJ unit, the Yaokong. This ends the game with a 10-0 to Aleph, which does not reflect how close it got at several instances.

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