Civ-Evac Blue on Blue

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VS Yu Jing
Eddie Cee

“In the chaos of the civilian evacuation and delay action, a sudden request for assistance to assist in the evacuation of civilians in the HuaQiao conflict zone was received by the Tohaa forces. A small task force was sent forward to assist with the approval of the Yu Jing commander for the specific evacuation of tohaa civilians in the district. However, the disruption to communications led to the unfortunate blue on blue firefight.”

Tohaa took the deployment rather than initiative and spread out across the board. The first turn saw most of the activities on the left of the map, with the Kuangshi throwing a smoke grenade forward to cover the movement of the Daoying, who proceeded to one of the cyropods and rescue one of the civilians. Afterwhich, a duo of Yujing heavy infantry moved up and had a short firefight with the Sukuel commando for not damage on either side but with the symbiomate stripped of the Sukuel. The Tohaa’s first turn, included the monstrucker running to the objective on the left of the board under the cover of eclipse smoke and failing to open the cryopod. The triad with two makaul and a sakiel paramedic then rush up field and got into a firefight with the Mowang duo team for little effect.

Turn two sees the Tohaa triad being cornered by two kuangshi and the mowang and end up with all three incapacitated and unconscious. The Long ya in the middle also tried to take out the sukuel to little effect, forcing the sukuel to get into total cover during all the flammenspeers from the Long Ya. On the other hand, the Taquel LT went aggressive and not tried to isolate and wound the Mowang while behind total cover. The Taquel also manage to discover the Guilang in the far corner and tried to take him out with his viral combi-rifle but didn’t manage to hit at long range. The Kaauri Sentinel tried to take the Guilang out but didn’t manage to wound him. The Monstrucker and Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate both tried to ID the cyropods, only to find both empty.

In the last turn, the Yu Jing forces manage to consolidate and evacuate their civilian, while attempting to make it harder for the Tohaa forces to reach their Civ in the quadrants near the Yu Jing table edge. On the Tohaa last turn, the only course of action left was to clear the path for the tohaa diplomat delegate to rush to the final pod to enter civ-evac state with the civilian. On the very last order, the diplomat failed to enter civ-evac state with the civilian, and the game ends.

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Yu Jing
Eddie Cee