Once upon in Bhai

VS Haqqislam
Alsulb Abn Almaedin

“Greetings Liutenant” – someone says as he was entering into the Barracks where William was giving a motivational speech.
“Uh?” – William raises an eyebrow. It was something unexpected – “What are you here for?”.
“We need to deploy in Bhai”
“What?!, our previous orders says that…”
“Advance intelligent agents suggested that this attack could confuse our enemies of our real objetive”
“Great… now they ask me to act as a diversion” – William turn to the men in the barracks. -” Ok men, It’s time to kick some asses!! Get ready!!”

Overview of the battlefield

Turn 1 Haqqislam

On the right side of the table a Yuan yuan makes its appearance and shoots a smoke granade. Then he comes closer and Volkolak fireteam reacts but misses.
Another activacion and Yuan Yuan explodes, but Volkolak is also hurt and becomes unconscious. A Djanbazan regenerates at the end of the turn.

On the left side another Yuan Yuan appears and comes closer. My camos remain hiding

Turn 1 Ariadna

I move William wallace and its fireteam to get close to the enemy. Not having planned my movent really well, I got in a possition where he can shoot all 3 with a small teardrop template as ORA. Uxia reveals herself and try to kill the enemy, but his ORA is supperior to mine and Uxia falls unconscious in combat.

On the righ side of the table my rokot heals Volkolak. I spend a commander token to include him again in the fireteam. He stands and shoots killing more units.

Turn 2 Haqqis

He Spends a Command Token to change an unit from one group to the other.
On the left side a Yuan Yuan appears and attacks with a template centering its attention in Uxia, killing her. My varangians counterattack with ORA while William Dodges. One of the Varagian also becomes unconscious. He tries again against Wallace and he dodge again, and again.
On the other side of the table a Hacker is revealed and issolates my Patcher. He also marks my Volkolak.

Turn 2 Ariadna

A Para-commando appears and tries to revenge for the varangian cassualties, but misses.
Volkolak fireteam kills one of his snipers. And some other units at the back. I move them to get down so they can kill something more, and hide them behind a fence.

Turn 3 Haqqis

He focus his orders in killing William, who suffers 1 wound. I activate “no wounds incapacitation”. He tries again to attack him and misses. Once again and he finally falls. My new Liutentant is the Volkolak.
He attacks volkolak and he suffers a wound. I active “no wounds incapacitation” but finally falls. My new Liutenant is a rokot.
At the end of the turn, one yanbazan dies.

Turn 3 Ariadna

Left side, Paracommando finish the job and revenge for his team mates.
Right side Irmandhino moves and kills hacker and some other units with its Shotgun. There are some orders remaining, but we end the battle at this momment as I couldn't reach another kill.


He killed 2 liutenants of mine, I killed 0. Haqqis gets 3 points.
I killed his Key Ops and he killed mine, so 1 point each.
I killed more enemys with my Key Ops than him, so Ariadna gets 3 points.
Ariadna killed more points than Haqquis, so Ariadna gets 3 points.

Conclussion: Haqquis 4 Ariadna 7


We forgot to apply simbiocuirass rule and Open Range.
We used the new classified cards for environment, and Storm was drawn. Haqquis got a really good improvement (+1 CD as almost all the units had Visor), so it was quite a unpreditable winning for Ariadna in my opinion.

As the battle was ending I focused less on taking notes, sorry for the missing information.


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