Operation McManus

VS PanOceania

Mission card was HVT follow up.
I won the wip roll and attack first.

Turn 1. carmen and batard charges right plank. Beasthunter shoots panzerfaust and Carmen goes unconcious.
Using Ratnik-Vet Kazak-Frontovik fireteam, I take out Teuton Knight and wounded cutter using Flammenspeer. Cutter takes wound, does wip roll and suceed to fail the guts roll to hide. Teuton dies burning, wiped from the board. Ratnik steps back and peek out to see beasthunter. Hexa comes out from hidden deployment. 2 shots of flemmenspeer to Hexa and beasthunter. I win the both. Hexa’s armor roll is success, but beasthunter fails and go unconcious.
Charging dynamo from left plank to console. Uses smoke to cover itself and gets to console. 4 Wip roll to console fails. 5th one is sucess with 19.
I choose the right plank server where Carmen is close by.
I charge in with Carmen but Carmen and Batard are stunned by Fugazi bot.
I used the remaining group 2 orders on beasthunter to shat out the mine and reposition Warcor.
Kuryer is caught in ARO with hexa, and loses it. Goes unconcious.

PanO attacks.
Cutter moves. charges toward the midline but my ML line kazak in core team successfully inflicts 1 wounds.
Cutter does some maneauvers to take out my ML kazak. ML kazak eventually dies. Monstrucker repairs cutter, achieving the mission card.
Hexa and cutter works together to take out Batard. Did not go down easy, but eventually dies and takes an enemy mine with them.
Cutter also takes out a warcor.

Turn 2.
Dynamo charges left plank, spraying mines so that left plank could be sealed off.
Ratnik tries to kill HEXA, but gets killed by unexpected cutter ARO. Vet Kazak tried to bring it back up with medkit, but goes boom.
Dozer brings Kuryer back up. Moved frontovik and Vet Kazak from left to right plank to link with line kazak team, but HEXA has an aro.
Get the frontovik into supressive fire, and Vet Kazak crawls way to left.
Beasthunter and Kuryer shat out more mines. Dynamo sprays more mines on left and one in the center to bog down the cutter.

PanO attacks.
Hexa triggers ARO from frontovik. HEXA is little short away from supressive fire range. Frontovik goes down.
With only ARO looking over right plank gone, Zulu hacker in camo passes Carmen.. Luckily, kuryer got eyes on him and discovered to reveal the camo.
Zulu ignores and get behind carmen. Carmen got shot in the back to Breaker Combi in the back and dies from failed ZoC dodge.
Zulu hacker maneuvers around the beasthunter and Kuryer, and sucessfully arrives that console. After three roles, rogue AI is revealed in the center where TAK made a mine field and multiple ARO lines. Cutter arrives in the midfield and Dynamo successfully dodged away. Cutter cleared the shock mines laid by Dynamo with sturdy armor. Cutter camos again. Aida Swanson dare not to venture out from my left plank because of Dynamos two shock mines.

Turn 3.
I used dynamos to shit out more mines. MINES MINES WONDERFUL MINES.
Dropped Pavel MacManus on right, recamoed and charged to Rogue AI server. Pavel triggers ARO from cutter and HEXA, but cutter delays and HEXA discovers.
Discover failed and Pavel is successfully out of Cutter’s LoF. Pavel does suicide maneuver to server. Surprisingly, he survives multiple aros and berserk into server managed to inflict 1 wound. He managed to deflect all AROs with successful armor rolls and got one more chance to d-charge server. Server is off the board now. I moved the Vet Kazak from right to left, and formed 5-man mixed core team to create ARO lines to defend my server.
Kuryer and beasthunter shat out more mines.

PanO’s last attack.
Cutter charges into middle to clear out mine fields. Trigger’s Kuryer’s total reaction, beasthunter and 3 AP mines in process. Cutter misses all shot to Kuryer and Kuryer scores two hits and one crit. Cutter fails armor save and now is in Unconcious level 2. HOwever, beasthunter got shot and goes unconcious. However, beasthunter’s heavy flamethrower finishes cutter and wipe it off the board.
Hexa uses Impersonation to punch through the line. With difficult maneuvers, it manages to get behind a wall where I don’t have AROs and in ZoC of server.
Fails two data erasures. One successful data erasure goes in, but inflicts only one wounds.

Games ends in 10-2 in Adriadna’s grand victory.

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