Theater of HVT Assassination

VS Nomads
Odd Luck

Ariadna wins wip roll and takes first attack.
Mission card is experimental drug.

Turn 1.
Maverick harris charges to left console. AP spitfire Maverick gets stunned on the way, so forward observer takes charge and moves up.
Gets into fight with core team Diablo. With quite numbers of orders spent, finally manages to kill the diablo. Maverick tries to go for console and suceeds.
Chose left plank HVT. Its decoy. Unknown ranger moves up and engages Reaktion zond. After couple orders, manages to take the bot.
With path cleared, beasthunter moves up close to midline, near the UKR. Desperado moves up to take more favorable position.

Nomad attack. Daturazis charges, as well as Vostok harris. Vostok exchanges fire with UKR and beasthunter, but successfully dodges.
Repaired the reaktion zond and Reaktion Zond opens fire at them. Not so lucky, UKR dies but beasthunter’s panzerfaust again debilitates reaktion zond.
Vostok harris attacks beasthunter and kills it. Using white noise, Nomad picks off minuteman core team one by one since most of them has MSV. Core team is reduced to three.

Turn 2.
Maverick harris dislodges from left plank and moves to center console. On the way, manages to kill Billie. Maverick dismounts and enters the center room.
After wasting couple orders, console is activated. Right plank HVT is chosen. Again decoy. Hardcase moves to kill left HVT, but got killed by bandit in the process. While trying to get safety, causes ARO from Bandit. Spent couple more orders killing the bandit.

Nomad attacks. Vostok climbs the tower, killing warcor on the way, but ARO from Maverick harris managed to kill the Vostok while climbing, and also manages to kill the engineer who tried to revive it. Daktari walks up to center console and activates console. Engages my maverick and kills it, then activates console with couple failures. Chooses my left plank HVT, which is decoy. Alguacile team maneuvers to kill the HVT, and manages to fend off ARO from maverick team and kills HVT. Vostok team closes into the enemy HVT on my right plank, creating ARO lines to protect it.

Turn 3.
I dropped devil dog and forces itself to kill the right most HVT. Devil dog somehow manages to kill HVT using major portion of order pool, but also dies in the process. It takes wildcats with it.
I placed my lieutenant minuteman in supressive fire mod to cover my real HVT with surviving marauder also watching over it.

Nomad attacks.
Moran masai moves to center and kills remaining maverick team, clearing the way to console. Manages to activate a console, which total of 3 consoles activated by Nomad. Seeing no way to kill my last HVT, Nomad retreats.

Nomad wins with 1 point superiority.

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Odd Luck