Operation Hailmary

VS Combined Army

I won the wip, taking first attack.

Turn 1.
Carmen and batard charges left plank, but I did not see the ARO from sniper. Yaogat kills my Carmen, rendering my Batard dumb. Dynamo charges left plank too, but he manages to lodge itself in safe zone with successful dodge. Ratnik team scrambles to right plank, and manages to reach to the point where Ratink can unload Ap spitfire with range bonus. Kaitok withstands first bullet shower, but second shower takes it out. Ratnik then engages Yaogot sniper. Spent many orders to take it out but in the end, Ratnik takes an wound. I places my ratnik team in safe zone with AROs covering each others. Kuryer moves up close to center, laying mines as it goes. Lodges itself where ARO is created in good range. Strelok moves to position in proximity of right console while prone.

Combined Army turn.
Daturazis charges one each to my left and center. One on the left takes ML from line kazak and dies. Bultrak does super jump to peak out to see my ML line kazak. Line kazak wins the shot, and Bultrak takes an wound. Rindok moves up to center line and places itself in safe zone. Bultrak is repaired and engages my ML line kazak. After couple shots are exchanged. Bultrak finally manages to kill the line kazak. Bultrak moves up a bit and with a slight gap, catches my line kazak with rifle watching over the console on left. Line kazak is unconcious. Yaogot team moves up a bit to take more favorable position.

Turn 2.
Dynamo charges deeper into left plank, crossing over the center. With careful maneuvers spending quite portion of orders, it manages to lodge itself in safe zone close to enemy deployment zone and placed mines with dispenser via speculative shots. Ratnik team first activates console. Enemy Rogue AI in on my rightmost console. Then Ratnik moves and repositions to engage yaogot, trying to kill it. Ratnik takes more than it can handle and dies. I used orders for vet kazak and frontovik to cover my rightmost plank. Paramedic line kazak shoots medikit at downed line kazak and manages to revive it. Placed strelok little bit more deeper, trying to induce a pressure and threat.

Combined Army attacks.
Bultrak kills another line kazak which was overseeing the center area. Daturazi charges in, and throws smoke to cover the rindak. Daturazi throws smoke to With the line cleared, rindak slowly moves up to left console and activates console. rogue AI is in my leftmost console. Combined army uses rest of orders to reposition troops on my left plank, to get ready for the last offensive on Turn 3. With remaining order, rasyat combat jumps into my left side. It tries to maneuver to kill my Voronin who is obviously my lieutenant. However, after exchanging hails of bullets, my revived line kazak manages to shoot rasyat with T2 shotgun with hit mode in range of 16~24. It goes through and Rasyat is unconcious.

Turn 3.
No time to waste. Drop the Pavel MacManus. Recamo as soon as it is dropped in. IT is painful journey to the center console. He moves and camos again when doscovered, repeating this ineffective use of orders. It costed more than 1/3 or my order pool to do this. With stealth and camo, he manages to get past the Yaogot team on the right plank. But right in front of center console is the area where I cannot avoid 6 AROs. Pavel does hail mary berserk into server. Manages to crit the server and destroys the server in single blow, but dies in process.

Combined Army’s last attack.
Daturazi and Bultrak charges in, with support of smokes and knocking out all my ARO pieces (warcor, strelok, Kuryer). Daturazi and Bultrak is in the range to charge in for server. Miraculously, line Kazak’s rifle manages to shot down the daturazi, just couple inches shy from the server. Bultrak charges in, maneuvering around the frontovik and vetertan kazak to take them out one by one. Veteran kazak somehow managed to stand, but frontovik takes a bullet and go unconcious. Bultrak is dangerously close to my Rogue AI with couple more orders. With incredible luck, Voronin’s T2 and kazak’s rifle wins the exchange of gunfire. Both goes through and Bultrak is unconcious. Morat calls for general reatreat.

Game is over 9-1.

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