Spaceport Troubles

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Big King Kahuna

In our efforts to quell chaos at the spaceport, we received intelligence from one of our Yu Jing liaisons about a force near our location. We went to engage and found a JSA force.

The Peeler HMG took the lead and traded shots with a Daiyokai and a Tanko, only to be destroyed by a missile. The Epsilon on the same roof moved to take over that fight, only to have a Ryuken-9 HRL reveal itself and force the sniper to split his burst against him and the Tanko. The Ryuken-9 fell, but saved the Tanko who was able to best the Epsilon. The Daiyokai spent his time dodging.

At this point Andromeda, who was able to infiltrate next to the enemy console, moved to take it. She was able to make a lucky dodge against the Daiyokai, Warcor, a hidden Saito, and a mine. The Crusher used her central position to assist by taking down the Daiyokai and Saito with a LRL. Foolishly, the Crusher tried to fight the Tanko ML and lost.

Time to for the Roadbot (with Agnes driving) to help out. The bike and Sidebot sped down the center and took out the Warcor. Once they made it to Andromeda, they used their Submachine gun on the ninja. With the enemies around the console gone, Andromeda was able to take the package and run back to our deployment area.

But once the JSA caught onto our scheme, their units finally sprung to action. Yojimbo sped down one side of the field, easily getting behind our forces. He then proceeded to force Andromeda out into the open, letting the Tanko blast her with a missile. Yojimbo then took out the Madtraps the Gangbuster had deployed around our console. The famed Kuroshi Rider fearlessly rode alongside the large spaceship, took out Casanova. Another Ninja (killer hacker) revealed itself and took out Team Sirius with a Trinity attack.

Things were taking a decidedly bad turn. The Roadbot ran back to help out, but instead of going after the Rider, it tried to Panzerfaust the Tanko ML and failed. At that point the Monstrucker took action, healing the Roadbot and taking a position to watch the console. The Roadbot tried to face Kuroshi and was not up to task. With so little force left, the Kuroshi Rider easily made it past my Monstrucker, took the intel and rushed off.

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