No! Mad Nomads

VS Nomads

The game started with the Überfallkommando moving up the left flank. I positioned Al Djabel near them in a bid to stop them as they were placed near my link team not realizing they basically can’t fail their dodge… Luckily the ghulam NCO faired much better and knocked out the Chimera and toasted two of the Pupniks. My opponent then shot Al Djabel with a Revend Moira armed with an HMG. His Cenobite link team costing of two Cenobite, two Orphans and a Penitent moved up the other flank and the latter knocked out my TR bot. The action then continued again on the other side of the table where a Tsyklon armed with Feuerbach climbed on top of the tower and knocked the Ghulam NCO unconscious.
I activated my link and the doctor managed to heal the downed Ghulam, who ten popped a smoke via which Yara Haddad was able to deal with both the Moira HMG and the Tsyklon. They then repositioned a bit closer to one of the antennas.
My opponent started his second turn by moving up his Reverend Healer who proceeded to kill Yara and knock out the Ghulam Doctor. He then switched to his link team and moved them up but they failed to discover the Farzan and the mine laid by the Sunduqbut even after multiple attempts with the Farzan only getting revealed by the very last order but managed to dodge the shots coming his way.
In my second turn the Ghulam NCO laid smoke around the antenna then the reminder of the link moved in and the Barid flipped the objective and stayed in base contact with the Asawira and the Ghulam covering the approaches. With the last two orders the Farzan placed a mine on each side of the container he was covering behind, one only inches from the second antenna.
In his last turn the Nomad player activated the link and the Penitent went after the Farzan. It took a wound from a mine on the way in, then struggled to deal with the Farzan who either made his saves or managed to best his opponent. He was clearly the NVP of this game. Finally the Penitent moved away and was finally able to down the Farzan, but ate the to remaining mines and was killed. The rest of the team moved on the antenna and one of the Orphans captured it.
My last turn started with the Bokhtar arriving behind the Nomad link and proceeded to kill them all apart from one Cenobite who was out off position to make any difference. However one of the Orphans placed an E/M mine with it’s last ARO, and although the Bokhtar managed to flip the antenna she could not contest it after being caught by it. The last order went to the Sunduqbut and it moved to contest the Tech Coffin ending the game.
All in all I got quite lucky with my opponent falling many of his discover rolls (a theme that continued in my second game of the night against another opponent) and the Farzan managing to survive against the Penitent for 4 or 5 orders.

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