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VS PanOceania

Lieutenant Ali could just see one of the nanobot control antennas as he peaked over the cover of the wall he was hunkered down behind. Him and his squad moved up the left flank with Yara Haddad in the lead followed closely by the Barid hacker assigned to his team, while Private Neuman was covering their back. His comms trooper took up position on top of the stairs and was relying back the movements of the rest of the detachment. A Shaytaniyah was positioned on the building right behind them. The Nasmat of Doc Ailah scurried past the Muttawi’ah to their right on the other side of the building and stopped behind some boxes, while the doc herself hid behind some containers on the far right. The Lasiq spotter in the middle of the formation was keeping an eye on the Tech Coffin holding the control device, flanked by another Muttawi’ah. On the right flank the Aswaira assigned to the mission was moving up next to a building. The Monstrucker who sent word about the enemy presence hid behind the other side. If he hadn’t suspected foul play from his colleague’s side and sent word t the HHC they might have come to late.
There were two Fidays moving up in front of his team who already reported spotting some Pano troops. One of them moved across a roof and down a ladder to get behind a Knight waiting in the saddle of his bike. The Kamau sniper overviewing the battlefield on the enemies left flank must have spotted his gun poking out from his disguise as he shouted a warning to him comrade. The Fiday engaged the night but could best him and was killed in turn. The Asawira moved up to engage the Kamau but his burst was deflected by the Pano troopers cover. He stepped out to engage the sniper again but was hit on his neck and immediately succumbed to his wounds. The other Fiday bypassed the sniper on the rooftop and moved behind the Monstrucker who lead the enemy to the site and slit his throat to make sure he won’t be betraying his own ever again. He then continued around the building and caught site of another biker knight and an armed remote sporting some cloaking device. He shot the former in the back wounding him. The two then exchanged fire but none of them were able to gain the upper hand so the Fiday retreated behind cover. One of the Muttawi’ah ran up close to the Knight the first Fiday tried to engage and tried to disable his comms equipment with his Jammer but failed to achieve a lasting result.
The same Knight then sped past the Muttawi’ah gunning him down with his Red Fury, but he was also able to wound the enemy with his chain rifle. At the same time the Fusilier comms trooper leaned out from the roof above the Fiday where was hiding until then and cowardly shot him in the back. The other Knight moved forward as well towards one of the antennas spotting the second Muttawi’ah, and although he tried to cover himself with a smoke grenade he got gunned down by the opponents boarding shotgun. The Pano biker then continued towards the antenna and managed to take control of it before fleeing back where he came from next to the REM. The Knight with the Red Fury got moving again closing in on Ali’s team. He exchanged fire with Yara and also shot at the Barid who in turn was trying to hack his equipment. Yara managed to score some hits but they failed to do any damage, while the Barid was wounded.
Suddenly a small shuttle touched down and the reinforcements they were promised quickly took up positions on the right flank that was know woefully exposed. The Azra’il moved to the fore, while a Burtuk engineer moved in to take the antenna, backed by a Hakim and covered by a Sekban with rocket launcher from the rooftop.
Yara peaked out from his cover and gunned down the Knight who wounded his comrade. The Doc then instructed the Nasmat to move in and stop the Barid from bleeding out, but a momentarily glitch caused the robot to malfunction and instead it put him out of his misery. The Azra’il moved in to engage the Fusilier comms trooper and managed to take him down, then shot the Kamau at close range with his heavy shotgun and blew him to pieces. The Burtuk then moved to the antenna and managed to regain control of it, and also left a mine close by. Ali signaled the reminder of his squad to start moving towards the other antenna.
The remaining Knight sped towards the antenna on the right again to claim it once more. But he took the wrong path and as he opened fire on the Burtuk the Lasiq rolled out from behind his cover, and in although the his comrade was taken down he managed to avenge him by taking out the Knight with is viral rifle. A sneaky Zulu-Cobra then moved up the stairs and ended just above the Azra’il and tried to ruin his comms with his Jammer, but the Haqqislamite equipment proved to be the better and he failed to do so.
To Azra’il climbed up next to him all the while the Pano trooper desperately tried to jam him but to no avail and was shot at point-blank range. Ali and his team moved towards the second antenna, but just as they were about to reach it Yara spotted a camouflaged Pano trooper. She identified it as a Zulu-Cobra and proceeded to shoot him. She then moved on to the antenna taking and managed to take it over. The Lasiq moved towards the central control device but suddenly got engaged by a croc man. Unphased the brave soldier proceeded to kill the enemy and hunkered down next to it taking up a defensive position, as did the member of Ali’s squad apart from his comms trooper around the antenna they just secured.
At this point the remaining Pano troops were in disarray and ready to give up, but suddenly a shuttle flew in and three figures leaped from it. One of them was the despicable Aristeia! star Shona Carano, who leaped on the Lasiq and decapitated him with her sword. The other two went for the unguarded antenna and took control of it before ripping out the control panel.
Action report on Lieutenant Mohammed Ali’s action near Bhai Sky Project Tracking Station, created by the Strategic Analytics Team for Haqqislam High Command

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  • BigDawe says:

    It was 350 with reinforcements, but my opponent submitted his report first and selected 400 so I couldn’t submit the report when I selected 300

  • Terrordactyl says:

    400 points and reinforcements! Must be like a completely different game.

  • Capo.Paint says:

    Nice write-up! Try to integrate some pictures in the next one to break up the text a little!

  • Dhalik Alshaabu says:

    An unfortunate loss, but your service to the Sword of Allah is recognized. Inshallah, you shall have victories to come!