Last hope

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VS Ariadna

hello there, after the catastrophe of the circulars our thunguska army was very delayed they almost miss all the action but they manage to make an effort to get a lift in some aerial transports direct to the airport in Lorena one of the affected areas
they arrived just to find a very strong Ariadna blockade our tunguska army was lead by a securitate core team followed by a team duo with a kriza borak and a hollow man also accompanied with two speckters hacker and two interventors and last a zond mate

the Ariadna army was some Dozer a caledonian mormaer a cameronian, isobel Mc gregor, a voluntier , scoot guard, 112 fto and last they where lead by wallace

The prime objective to reach the tower and control the structure so we could be launched again just to try to get on time to Montealban where they were needed the most

the zond mate was the first one to take the path to the antena he took the id and run direct to the tower validating the trip in the mean time he tried to put a smoke grenade but it failed na matter he could make it

one of the interventor tried to advanced but was pined down by a sniper the kriza borak and the hollow man advanced to counter the attack killing the sniper after couple of missed shots
but down in the surface the cameronian run and put to sleep our interventor with his sword
the rest of the ariadna army released several smoke grenade to cover their advance and put some D charges in order to stop my advance in the other end of the airport the teams from both armies were advancing slowly and tactical with out seeing each other but very near from the conflict

but our securitate team took the advantage and a better position to give cover in any event non the less the cameronian launched a couple of grenades to the kriza and the hollow after be involved in flames nothing happened to the any way the cameronian get the opportunity to jump in close combat with the kriza borak and the hollow man in the surprised attack one of the securittates open fire against them hitting every one the cammeronian felt out number and flee to the security of the tower that was near trying to get control so the other ariadna comrades could escape but a speckter was already in side ready to fight

just for good luck and a lot of armor the kriza and the hollow manage to survived

one of the securitates that was at the doors of the tower saw wallace at the distance and went for the shot with infinite luck he get him just between the edge of the doors and the validator making the very decisive shot to make the day

one of the ariadna soldiers managed to escape after validating the id from the antena not all is lost for both sides

another day will come for a new battle

we will see again …

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