Final Training Exercise: YJ Really Does not Want to Leave it as a Loss

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Captain Jag Kara
VS Yu Jing
Adm. Philip von Kruse

Name guide:
Phaedra – Myrmidon Officer
Theseus – Myrmidon Spitfire
Jason – Myrmidon Chain Rifle
Hippolyta – Hippolyta
Ioanna – Thorakitai with Light Rocket Launcher
Penelope – Thorakitai Paramedic
Aphrodite – Makhe
Thamyris – Warcor
Unit-8273 – Lamedh 1
Unit-0294 – Lamedh 2

“Another exercise?” Phaedra asks the Aleph commander.

The commander signs deeply. “It seems they can’t abide the loss of honor or something and want to fight us again. They even challenged us on home turf to try and make it sweeter.”

“Are we taking it?” The myrmidon asks.

The Aleph commander sighs again. “Yes. Its better if we play nice. See if you can get rid of the rest of those paint missile if you can.”

“Will do.” Phaedra salutes and leaves the room.

Meeting up with her team, Phaedra briefs them. “So Yu Jing is trying us again. We’re on defense this time. Aphrodite, you’re- Aphrodite, you paying attention?”

“Sorry ma’am. Seems a mix up happened and my uniform is too small. I’m struggling to stay in it.” She says, trying to keep her jumpsuit adjusted.

“Nevermind that. Focus on the job and your tits being covered later. I want you up top here.” Phaedra says pointing to a holographic map of the battlefield. You hold the the initial push. Once the coast is clean, you flank them Hippolyta and push them into us. You are the hammer, we are the anvil. The primary target is their lieutenant. He should be a Hsien, by the name ‘Li Jie’, so easy to spot but probably dangerous. The rest of you provide covering positions.”

With that the soldiers went to their positions and waited for Yu Jing to arrive…

When the Yu Jing forces arrived, Phaedra sent a communication to Hsien Li Jie.

“It’s over Li Jie. We have the high ground.”

“Not this shit again. Blow that fucking woman off the top of that building…”

Map Setup: We picked out this map since it looked like fun with some varied terrain for both long and short range fighting. We rolled for mission to keep it interesting and got Cutthroat. Yu Jing won the roll off and elected to go first. Aleph took the side on the right and gave Yu Jing the left side.

Yu Jing Deployment: On the left flank, Yu Jing deployed a Kuang Shi core prone and in cover (we forgot the markers in the picture.) Behind them hiding behind a building was a Son-Bae Yaokong. In the middle a Lu Duan and Rui Shi were deployed in cover behind a sign. On the far right the Hsien Lieutenant (and Key Ops) was deployed with a pair of Zhanying Hackers.

Aleph Deployment Right Flank: On Aleph's right flank, a Enomotarchos of Myrmidons (Spitfire, Officer with Shotgun, and Chain Rifle) where deployed, pinning down the little park zone in front of the Kuang Shi Behind them on rooftop sat a Lamedh Rebot and Warcor. In the middle of the battlefield a second Lamedh Rebot was deployed, along with a Netrod behind some crates.

Aleph Deployment Left Flank: On the left flank, Aleph deployed a Thorakitai Enomotarchos on top of a building (consisting of a Light Rocket Launcher, Paramedic, and Makhe with Missile Launcher.) In front of them and directly across from the Hsien Haris was deployed Hippolyta (Aleph Key Ops) prone on top of a building.

Yu Jing Turn 1: Noticing the Makhe pinning down a large amount of the team, they attempted to find a way around it. Before trying to fight it with the Rui Shi, the Yu Jing command moved the Lu Duan around the central building to fight the middle Lamedh. It was successful at both taking out the bot and preventing an AoE from taking both bots out. The Rui Shi then tried its luck, but lost to the Makhe and died. At this point the Celestial Guard Monitor speculative fires a smoke grenade across the battlefield and using the smoke for cover the Hsien and Haris move up under smoke, disabling the Makhe. At this point they press their luck to try and spotlight Hippolyta. This fails and one of the Zhanyings eats two rockets for moving in front of the Thorakites with Light Rocket Launcher, but ignores them.

Aleph Turn 1: To start the turn, Hipployta tries to take out the Zhanying that survived two rockets. She fails and it hides from her. At this point the Thorakites Paramedic climbs on the roof and gets the Makhe back up. The Makhe crawls forward and puts 6 missiles into the Zhanying, who eats them all but the last missile. (That bitch be tough.) At this point Hippolyta moves up and kills the forward Zhanying with her Breaker combi. With the remaining orders, the Myrmidon with Spitfire cross to the middle and takes out the Lu Duan. To cover him, the Warcor moves over to prevent flanking.

Yu Jing Turn 2: Guided Missile Launches stopped, Yu Jing changes strategy and moves the Hsien to try and flank the Myrmidon with Spitfire. He first tries to take out the Warcor, but fails as it keeps passing its save. He decides to ignore it and move up to shoot the Myrmidon anyways, ultimately failing to kill and getting blinded by the Warcor for the effort. While all these efforts are going on, Hippolyta keeps using her AROs to crawl forward towards the Hsien, getting to the bottom of the stairs before he runs away after being blinded. She puts a few shots into his backside, but they do not break through his armor. He runs back and hides by the Kuang Shi and has the Son-Bae Yaokong move to cover him.

Aleph Turn 2: Taking advantage of the clear left flank, Hippolyta stands up and rushes after the Hsien. She uses smoke to sneak past the Kuang Shi and Son-Bae Yaokong. That done, she kills the Hsien and retreats back to meet up with the other Myrmidons. The myrmidons move out into the open to line up a gun line to prevent a suicide charge from the Kuang Shi, also being joined by the Warcor and even the Makhe from across the board.

Yu Jing Turn 3: Yu Jing realizing the only chance for a draw is to rush the Myrmidons and kill the lieutenant and Hippolyta attempt to do so. They drop smoke in front of the Kuang Shi and rush forward, ultimately losing one to the Makhe, but disabling the chain rifle Myrmidon and wounding both the Myrmidon Officer and Hippolyta.

Aleph Turn 3: The Makhe moves to get line of fire on the remaining Kuang Shi and takes them out with a single missile. With only the Son-Bae Yaokong left, Hippolyta uses smoke to approach it and kill it. No enemies on the board, Aleph tries to get up the wounded Myrmidon, but the Thorakites Paramedic accidentally grabs her pistol instead of medkit and executes him.

Conclusion: Aleph wins 10 to 0.

As the smoke clears from the battle Aphrodite sets down her satchel of missiles. "How did that bitch survive them?" She mutters to herself. Extracting one of them from the bag, she opens the tip of it. "Damnit. The factory mounted the shaped charge backwards in half of these! No wonder!" She fixes the charge before climbing down the building to join the others.

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