Ambush at Abdula's Shawarma Bar

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VS Nomads

After Operation Report Hassasin Group Mudhayyal

Just as the Old Man in the Mountain had provided a Nomad force was enjoying R&R after being freshly cycled off the front lines to enjoy the remaining civilian center. The forces had escorted non-coms that had been business dealings with the Spiral Corp forces and needed to suffer consequences of their business dealings. While a precise strike was the call of the operation, things rarely go as planned. With the enemy settling in the forward detachment of fidays made their way to the target knowing they had heavier forces in the waiting to create a diversion to extract but contact with the enemy rarely goes as planned..

As the Fiday Abbas closed in on the enemy hacker, they anticipated at the attack and dodged the attack waiting for their bestial companion to charge in and lay Abbas to waste. As the sound of fire range through the sector the heavily armoured Shakush moved forward laying fires to the enemy sniper as the rest of the force moved towards the consoles looking for clues of the tohaa conspirator. The Nomads quickly deployed their repeater network to harass our heavy forces, they couldn’t react quickly enough before losing their sniper to withering spitifre barrages. Alas the Skakush’s software fell to repeated control attempts before turning its weapons on its own forces laying waste to the lighter elements of our forces before regaining control.The nomad forces moved their robotic forces to roof to get a better view of the battlefield but our camouflaged forces laid in wait with a panzerfaust to lay waste to their forces before succumbing to the fire from the possessed vehicle. In the moments controlling the TAG, our other fiday operative took advantage of the chaos to rush towards the enemy interventor hoping to remove the threat with a well placed shotgun blase that harmlessly deflected off the enemy body armor.

With the forces being whittled down Qasim the barid hacker made play to the console spraying rifle fire towards the enemy forces trying to find proof of the conspirator from the banking console showing illegitimate money movements before the forces could scatter, but the trail didn’t lead to any smoking gun. As the attached bokhtar moved to eliminate the enemy HVT to at least hinder the Nomad forces the focus was turned away from the paramedic who crawled through the fire towards a coms node. With our focus diverted the nomads identified the one of our informants but before we could move to protect a Kriza Borac plummeted from the sky next to the informant before unceremoniously killing them in a quick burst of fire. With both larger forces at play and no proof of collusion we grabbed our fallen and left before the larger allied forces could trace this fighting back the Haqqislam forces but without accomplishing our goals

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