Gone Gator Hunting

Combined Army
VS Nomads

Mission Briefing

As our securing of the roadways is drawing to a close and final sweeps are being made, we had an incident of some of our troops being ambushed on their patrol. The cowardly Nomad forces sprung from hiding within nearby buildings with a combination of cyber attacks, pre-placed explosive devices, and mechanized armor.

The following is an after action report from Kornak Gazarot on his most recent engagement. He had just rounded up the troops from their close victory in the training match with the O-12 forces when this took place. Seeing that the Raktorak had yet to show the proper aptitude for enhanced command, Treitak Anyat was chosen to be the Key Operative in this engagement, with the rest of the forces providing support.

Just from our preliminary scans before the proper engagement, we were able to detect no less than 3 armed remotes, two forward advancing scouts that seemed to be transporting explosives and relays for their cyber attacks, and one Tactical Armored Gear that was identified as a "Gator" along with accompanying support.

Combined Deployment. The Core Fireteam set up in the building on the left flank with the Sniper on the top level and the paramedic prone on the level just below him. The Raktorak set up on the middle level that connected with the wall and the Daturazi in his fireteam set up on either side of the wall. Anyat and her Fireteam set up next to the building on my right flank with one of the Ikadrons. The remaining Ikadron set up prone inside one of the market stalls. Anyat was chosen as the Key Op.
Corregidor Deployment. The Core Fireteam set up in the right most building with everyone tucked out of line of sight. The Jaguar set up behind a building just to the left of the Core and the Clockmaker set up just behind the truck in the center with one Zondbot next to the core team and one next to the Gator. The Gator set up behind the cover of the wall to block shots from the sniper and the Vertigo Zond was prone on the wall next to him. The Salyut set up prone in the market stall to the far left and the Digger set up in the building just ahead of the stall. Finally, the one Moran was deployed in the building just in front of the Core and the other was placed in the small, central building. Both Morans were deployed prone with their CrazyKoalas tucked on the first floors of the buildings they were in. Jazz was chosen as the Key Op.

Combined Army Turn 1

Knowing the threat that these forward scouts posed to the further progress of our troops, the Raktorak had his Daturazi advance carefully. While trying to stay outside of the effective range of their hardware, the Daturazi attempted to clear the building of the detected explosive device, but his speculative attack was unable to hit the mark. Opting instead to risk proper engagement, the Daturazi moved forward and was greeted by a CrazyKoala rushing at him from the building. He was able to successfully dodge the self propelled explosive device as it detonated but found himself marked by an enemy spotlight program. With the fact that these enemies had guided missile capacity on hand, the Daturazi made a desperate play, rushing up the ladder to engage the scout (now identified as a Moran Maasai) in close combat. The scout hastily deployed a second CrazyKoala, but was effectively locked in a deadly stalemate with the Daturazi. The Daturazi couldn't move for risk of the explosive device triggering, but the enemy also could not risk the friendly fire of a missile strike with the Moran trapped with him.

Recognizing that this was likely the same type of trooper in the center of the battlefield, Anyat lead her fireteam to storm the building. The Suryat took point and as he approached the building was targeted by a Carbonite program and the CrazyKoala within the building. With trust in his armor, the Suryat set about to preemptively reset his systems. The CrazyKoala's blast washed over his armor harmlessly and while he failed at fending off the hacker's attack, his system's automated defenses and firewall were able to isolate the intrusion and prevent corruption. The Suryat advanced up the ladder, shooting the Moran he found above with his Multi Pistol, though the trooper was able to deploy another CrazyKoala before he expired and the enemy hacker was able to successfully lock up the Suryat's armor.

Knowing that being immobile on a rooftop was a death sentence, the Suryat attempted to reset his systems. He was unsuccessful as the freshly deployed CrazyKoala detonated, this time causing some minor wounds. On his second attempt though, he was able to restore functionality to his suit.

With the enemy's forward hacking network somewhat dealt with, our own hacker went to work. The Dartok moved up to the doorway of the building and fired a pitcher down the full length of the wall, nearly to the weapon's maximum range. He successfully landed the repeater and reached out with a Trinity program to incapacitate the nearby EVO hacker hiding among the merchant stalls just before the enemy began to move.

The Suryat stands victorious after dispatching the Moran, though he was wounded by the CrazyKoala on the approach.

Corregidor Turn 1

The enemy forces were quick to respond to our forces aggression. A mercenary of some description (later identified as a Digger) was able to clear out our repeater with a few blasts from his Chain Rifle in order to free up the other enemy troops. The enemy engineer had a peripheral nearby the downed EVO hacker and was able to restore it to full functionality with little effort. After that, another enemy remote was able to deploy a pitcher along the opposite side of the wall that allowed their hacker (now identified as Jazz) to establish a White Noise zone to blind our Suryat and Yaogat.

With our troops blinded, the EVO hacker began running an assisted targeting program for the other remote (identified as a Tsyklon Sputnik) before dropping prone for better cover in the market stall. The "Gator" TAG also took the opportunity to move to the corner of the wall segment and open fire on the Suryat through the White Noise. There was an attempt to return fire, but after shrugging off one round of fire from the Gator, the Suryat's armor could not hold up to the second and he was knocked unconscious.

The Tsyklon remote poked it's weapons around the side of the building it was taking cover behind and ducked back just as it and the Yaogat exchanged fire. The Yaogat was able to disable the remote, but not fully and the engineer had a second peripheral nearby to repair it. After one more exchange of fire, the Yaogat was rendered unconscious as a stray round ricocheted off his helmet. With our long range threats neutralized Jazz advanced just far enough to land a repeater next to our troops with her Pitcher before taking cover once more. She wasted no time in marking our paramedic as a target for a missile barrage and a moment later, there was little more than a stain on the roof to remember him by.

We would also like to take this moment to formally note the dishonorable behavior of these Nomad forces in specifically targeting and executing medical personnel as priority targets in these engagements.

Just before our forces could respond, the Gator deployed a mine near to where our Kyosot was taking cover and then dropped into a Suppressive Fire stance.

The Tsyklon lines up his shots
And finally brings down the Yaogat.

Combined Army Turn 2

Realizing priorities were shifting, Kornak restructured his forces organization to allow his team to pick up the Raktorak as they advanced.

Knowing that allied forces would have trouble moving through the area with the Moran's equipment still operational, the Daturazi took action. He swung on the enemy troop, knowing that the explosive would trigger, but determined to clear the way. Once the smoke cleared, nothing remained on that rooftop, friend or foe. The remaining Daturazi attempted to rush through the gate and deploy smoke cover for himself, but he was cut down by the enemy Tsyklon before having the chance.

With his fireteam being picked apart, Kornak ordered his troops to abandon the building and move forward. They advanced with the Dartok taking point and throwing a Trinity assault through the enemy repeater as the team moved out of its range. Jazz attempted to fight back, but was knocked unconscious by the Dartok's attack. With the cyber threat taken care of the Kaitok took point. He moved to the corner of the building as the Raktorak was tied into the Core team and let loose both of his Flamenspeers towards the Gator. The Gator returned fire, breaking from his suppressive fire stance, but at that extreme range neither side was able to land a clean hit.

That change in stance was all the Kyosot needed though to make the risk he was about to take worth it. He broke into a dead sprint, vaulting over the flat bed of the vehicle he had been using for cover and miraculously shrugging off the mine's detonation as he opened up on the Gator. The Gator returned fire, but the Kyosot's aim was better in this close range. Despite managing to throw off the Gator's aim, he didn't seem to have done any damage through the TAG's thick armor, he would have to close even more. Breaking from cover entirely, the Kyosot began to close on the Gator and managed to keep its aim off despite the lack of any real damage. With one final push, the Kyosot got into the optimal range for his SMG and was able to catch the Gator out of cover, having made it past the corner of the wall it had been behind. At this close range, the destructive, armor piercing rounds tore the TAG to shreds, but not before it was able to let off a blast from its Chain Rifle. The force of the blast knocked the Kyosot back against the building behind him and knocked him unconscious.

With threats slowly being neutralized and our forces advancing, the two Ikadrons moved forward, taking cover behind buildings as they tried to keep up with our troops.

Nothing remains after the Daturazi, the Moran, and the Koala converge on eachother.
It cost him his life, but the Kyosot closed range and managed to annihilate the Gator with his AP T2 SMG.

Corregidor Turn 2

The Digger, having waited long enough, decided to impetuously charge forth from the safety of the building. He advanced on our lines quickly, exchanging fire with one of our Ikadrons and disabling it, though his armor also seemed to have taken some damage from the flames. He then attempted to dispatch Anyat with his Chain Rifle, but she nimbly dodged his shot.

With our forces pinned down, the enemy's doctor took this opportunity to revive Jazz who quickly rejoined her Fireteam and tagged our Raktorak with a spotlight program. Despite his attempts to dodge the incoming blast, the Raktorak found himself the next victim of an enemy missile strike. The rest of the enemy's forces slowly advanced forward, taking cover in the buildings closer to the midfield and settling in just in case we tried to rush the gate.

The Raktorak, wiped from existence.
The Core team advanced for better range and to press in for scenario.
The Digger, having dropped my Ikadron after trading templates with it, tries to take out Anyat the same way. Luckily for me, the Dodge +3 from being my Key Op saves her life and with no more orders in his group, the Digger is stuck.

Combined Army Turn 3

The Kaitok engages the Digger from beyond the effective range of either of their Chain Rifles, knowing that Anyat might get caught in the blast if he moved too close. Both heavy troopers resorting to their pistols, the Digger was no match for the Kaitok's heavy caliber rounds. With Anyat now free to move, she was brought into the Fireteam structure.

The Dartok was able to refresh his supply of pitchers from the nearby Ikadron and used them to great effect by firing them through the gate next to the enemy forces. With the network established, he reached out with a Trinity program and engaged Jazz once again, this time completely finishing her off.

With the enemy's Key Operative taken out, our forces spread out, effectively breaking the structure of the Fireteam to cover as much ground as possible and secure it.

The remaining troops spread out to try and hold what ground they can and take cover.

Corregidor Turn 3

Knowing that they could not continue fighting us as they had been, the enemy forces instead attempted to secure our rear position and throw off the balance of our engagement. Their forces advanced along the wall, past our lines to attempt to secure the area just outside of our DZ. Luckily the remaining Ikadron and Kornak were able to hear the troops marching along the other side and were able to fall back just enough to keep the area secured.

The Core Fireteam pushed forward hard, but stray too close to the wall and allow Kornak and the Ikadron to dodge backwards to contest the zone.
The Clockmaker, Jaguar, and Zondbot securing her nearest zone.

After Mission Report

This engagement was brutal and once again shows that our forces advanced optics can be used against them. Many of our men showed extreme courage, especially the Kyosot who charged an entrenched enemy TAG with no backup and succeeded in disabling it. I am told that he suffered a moderate concussion, a cracked rib, and a few bruises but should make a full recovery. Once he does, I would like to personally put him forth for a commendation for Extraordinary Bravery.

We must also take note of Kornak's preternatural awareness during the enemy's final advance. Had he and the Ikadron next to him both not reacted in time, the enemy may have very well secured our territory for themselves. We are now one step closer to fully securing the city so that we may safely and efficiently deploy further aid to the planet.

Commander Thrakos, signing off.

Personal Note

After tallying everything up, she was able to get 89 points into my closest zone, which would have left us in a 5-5 tie, but the Ikadron and Kornak were both able to make their -3 Dodge rolls and pull back just enough to swing the zone back into my favor thanks to their combined 74 points adding to the Kaitok's 22. The Dartok was left alone to score me the middle zone and Anyat was out scored by the Clockmaker and Jaguar in the final zone. This left us with a final score of 6-1 in favor of Combined.

There was probably a more optimal list that my wife could have played into this particular mission, but she really likes the Gator and was wanting to get it on the table. All in all, I think her list worked really well though, especially with the Tsyklon's Spitfire having the -6 range dropped to only a -3 and then its X-visor dropping it to 0.

The Kyosot's final charge on the Gator

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