A tale of three Krits

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Combined Army
VS Yu Jing

Mission Briefing

This report will be brief as what was left of our forces hastily sent this after their narrow escape from an engagement outside the Spaceport. Sheskiin, supported by an Anathematic aspect and a few other hackers went to reinforce the Edda Spaceport and were ambushed by members of Yu Jing's Invincible Army. While they were able to mitigate their losses, they were forced to withdraw from the field. The following is what they were able to recall from the event.

Bit, KISS, and a pair of Taigha set up on the left flank. The two Ikadrons set up centrally to cover my back field and watch the beacon while the T-drone parks itself on the back field. The remaining Taigha and Sheskiin deploy on the right flank with the Dartok deploying on the upper floor of the building. The Anathematic is in hidden deployment on the building the T-drone is hiding behind.
Yu Jing deploy their core team in a building with the sniper poised to take shots, a haris team is set off to their left flank, and a pair of camo tokens join the haris team. Reserve models are deployed with the Speculo deploying just outside of the enemy deployment, attempting to get to the sniper, but my opponent counters by deploying Krit on the stairs next to her.

Combined Army Turn 1

Even from the beginning, our forces were caught off guard and made sloppy mistakes. The Taigha creatures bounded forward, one being felled by the enemy sniper. Our Speculo jockeyed for position, but was unable to find a reasonable target, taking cover behind the stairs. At this point, a Rasyat became over-eager and joined the fight, coming down behind a nearby building and flutily attempting to provide smoke cover for the Speculo.

Seeing as our incursion was a lost cause, Bit & KISS moved forward to attempt to spread a network of pitchers to help our forces get a handle on the situation. KISS was sacrificed in the effort, but a pitcher was successfully dropped near enough to the enemy for us to get a reading and Bit was able to drop another one next to the building the Dartok was in. Having the enemy within range now, the Dartok marked the enemy sniper as a target and the T-drone unleashed a barrage upon them, though only managing to knock them unconcious.

With one target dealt with, the Speculo charged into Krit. She was shredded from a blast of his shotgun, but her monofilament blade was enough to take the engineer down with her. The shotgun blast had also disabled the nearby repeater and while the Dartok moved up to attempt to re-establish connection, he was unsuccessful. By some stroke of luck, the Speculo was able to successfully regenerate from her wounds and stood to face the enemy's response.

And thus the first Krit in our story is dealt with.

Invincible Army Turn 1

The enemy forces lost no time in their response. A nearby remote moved forward and was able to put down the Speculo for good with several blasts from its shotgun. The Dartok attempted to provide covering fire, but was nearly at the maximum effective range of his weapon. The enemy fireteam moved once more, the remote pulling back into cover and the paramedic managing to revive the fallen sniper. Through another stroke of blind luck, the Dartok was able to land a disabling shot in on the remote attempting to take cover.

It was at this point that the other enemy troops began moving. The enemy Hulang and his squad moved forward, knocking out another Taigha creature on their way, and began trying to put down the Dartok. Through pure, dogged determination, the Dartok refused to fall easily, eventually even managing to successfully fire another pitcher down range before the enemy sniper removed his head. But his final act was enough. The enemy troops moved forward to attempt to disable the pitcher, but could not do so without getting in range, this is when the Anathematic struck. Bit targeted a Zuyong with an Oblivion program and despite his formidable firewall, was able to Isolate the enemy trooper. At the same moment, the Anathematic targeted the Hulang and successfully Isolated it as well easily smashing through the firewall.

With their main strike force now cut off from command, the enemy decided to reposition and move to try and intercept the approaching Rasyat. The one member of the fireteam that was not isolated, dropped to provide suppressive fire to cover his team.

The dogged Dartok, holding his ground despite his mortal wounds.
Much less of a threat now that they've been isolated from the command structure.

Combined Army Turn 2

Taking the opportunity now that they were isolated, the Anathematic marked the Hulang as a target and allowed the T-drone to remove him from the face of the planet. Meanwhile, behind enemy lines, the Rasyat moved to engage the enemy Zhanshi that was watching the corner. He successfully dispatched the hacker and made his way up the stairs. As he neared the top, he threw an eclipse grenade into the center of the rooftop and rushed to engage the enemy Haidao. Despite detonating a D-charge directly against the target, the Haidao's armor held.

It was now that Sheskiin went on the move, running behind cover to engage the Zuyong in suppressive fire. This is where our forces luck ran out. A lucky shot made it through Sheskiin's Boarding Action plate and critically wounded her, rendering her unconscious and our forces without leadership. Hearing this, the Rasyat once more tried to take out the Haidao, but the shock of Sheskiin's fall must have rattled him as the enemy's pistol caught the Rasyat unaware.

Our forces were in shambled and the enemy was upon them once again.

The second major Krit (crit) of the game. A lucky combi rifle crit and a failure to roll 7s resulted in my going into Loss of Lieutenant next turn.
The third and final major Krit (crit). I was 1 short of critting myself to cancel out the sniper's crit, but it wasn't meant to be. Sadly this meant that they had free reign of the board once more.

Invincible Army Turn 2

Through several coordinated actions, the enemy forces advanced once more. The camoflaged targets moving just behind the Zuyong that had taken out Sheskiin. They destroyed the repeater nearby and cleared the way for one of the camoflaged ones to move up to our Beacon. Our Ikadron was unable to positively detect the enemy, who was now just waiting next to our equipment.

The enemy Lieutenant also revealed itself, attempting to scan our fallen Taigha for some reason. The seemed to be having issues with their equipment though.

Combined Army Turn 3

In complete disarray from the collapse of the command structure, our forces attempted to minimalize the damage and at least secure our Beacon.

The Ikadron attempted and failed to override IFF protocols to hose the camouflaged enemy with flames, but was taken out by a stray shot as the enemy revealed themselves. The now exposed Zhencha was easy prey for the Anathematic to dispatch with a Trinity program. The T-drone was maneuvered around the building to draw a bead on the sniper, in one final attempt to bring it down and free up the rest of our troops. This did not succeed. With little else to do, Bit prepared to lay suppressive fire on anyone attempting to take our Beacon and the remaining Ikadron moved up to cover it as well.

He made a valiant attempt. The sniper needed 12s on two dice and I needed 12s on a single die, sadly the poor drone couldn't pull it off.

Invincible Army Turn 3

The enemy Lieutenant managed to successfully scan our Taigha for some kind of telemetry data. We are still unsure the purpose of this.

The enemy already had succeeded in routing us, but seemed dead set on attempting to seize our Beacon. The Zuyong made a run for it, but was waylaid when it crossed too near to the Ikadron and was Isolated by the Anathematic like his companions were. The Lieutenant, who we have identified as a Daoying then made a run for the Beacon as well, making sure to stay out of the Ikadron's range until the last moment. Despite this desperate final attempt, the Anathematic's Trinity program was too much for the enemy, and they expired just an arms length from the Beacon.

Between the Trinity, suppressive fire, and flamethrower the Daoying had no chance, but he got close.

After Mission Report

Though we were able to secure our equipment, the enemy managed to drive us off in this instance. This entire engagement is was a disgrace to the Ur Hegemony and I am once again requesting that me and my men are allowed to take the field in force to show these humans how war is won.

Commander Thrakos of the MAF, signing off.

Personal Note

So I am normally, specifically a Morats player when it comes to Combined, but have been trying to branch out more. I have not run a list like this and it very much showed in several mistakes I made from deployment to when and where I moved. The two random crits at the end of my second turn also really hurt and tilted me a bit at the time, but thus is the risk when rolling dice. I think I want to try this list again sometime, possibly tweak it a bit to get a good way to deal with those MSV snipers that the Rasyat might not be able to get to easily.

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