Nomads Take Montalban Metro

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VS O-12

deploy striketeam();

// Deploying Striketeam
// Objective: Take Control of Montalban Transit Network
// Strategic Importance: Pilot Extraction




// Top of Round 1: TJC Opening Assault

// The Zondnautica team begins a flanking maneuver on the opposite side of the station platform.
// A fireteam consisting of two Hollowmen and a Stempler Zond follow the Zondnautica on the other side of the train.
// The Stempler opens up on a patrolling Lawkeeper, stunning it with a Flash Pulse. A Hollowman unloads his spitfire on the Lawkeeper, sending him tumbling to the floor. The Stempler then Observes the Lawkeeper, taking in valuable classified data.
// Moving forward into the objective room, the Hollowman is narrowly missed by a lurking Crusher. He is however caught by a Bronze with Akrylat-Kanone and immobilized.
// Noticing their teammate being stuck between a Bronze and a hard place, the Zondnaut dismounts, sending in their Zondmate.
// The Zondmate easily clambers over the flatbed car of the Metro.
// Catching the O-12 Command team by surprise, the Zondmate goes down while landing a 4-man chain rifle. The Crusher takes a wound but withstands incapacitation. A Kappa Hacker narrowly misses the hail of shrapnel, while the Lawkeeper meets his end alongside a Kappa Medic going unconcious.
Jelena's team finds themselves pinned by a Kappa MSR.
Deciding to make a move for the objective room, she provides covering fire.
Jelena's rifle shreds the Kappa Sniper, and the team moves up to just outside of the objective room.

// Bottom of Round 1: O-12 Security Counterattack

// A biotechvore plague is released as a countermeasure, with the Zondnaut being the only one affected. She is able to withstand the plague, for now. With the alarm raised, a team of Nyokas and a Bronze begin moving out to intercept the Tunguskan attackers. The Hollowman, spotting the movement, takes the time to successfully remove the adhesive locking up his robotics.
// The Bluecoat Lieutenant moves out with his remaining Kappa at his side, and shuts down the Stempler Zond in the objective room.
// A lurking Crusher moves up to stack the door of the control room, ready to move in once threats have been cleared. Hearing the movement outside, the Hollowman nestles closer into cover.
// With their entry prepared, the Bronze team moves forward into cover, dodging long shots from the Securitate across the plaza. They push onward, attempting to engage the Hollowman. He retaliates by putting down the second Nyoka, stalling the O-12 advance.

// Round 1 Scoring: Nomads dominate the ZO and have completed their classified (Telemetry), gaining 2 OP.

// Top of Turn 1: Nomads take advantage of stalled security forces

// The Zondnaut attempts to shoot the Crusher in the back, and fails as they turn around to face them.
// Jelena dodges past the Bluecoat to assist the Hollowmen fireteam. The spitfire-wielding construct immediately peeks out, splitting his burst between the Bluecoat and the Bronze. The Bluecoat is cut down, alongside the security's command structure. The Bronze eats the rest of the burst for breakfast before moving into better cover.
// Sensing opportunity, the Zondnaut rushes forward without fear of Bronze retailiation. She puts two rounds into the Crusher, taking them down for good.
The Hollowman peeks back out now that the Crusher is down to see the Kappa Hacker under the awning and Nyoka HRL across the seating area. The Kappa Hacker is splashed while the Nyoka is suppressed. O-12 forces decide to cut their losses, and the Bronze and Nyoka cede control to the assaulting Tunguskan force.

// End of Game Scoring: O-12 Forfeits Control. Nomads receive +7 for 2 rounds of Domination, 2 rounds of Essential Personnel in the Objective, and for having more remaining forces at the end of the operation window.

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  • Lady Numiria says:

    Love the terrain, very original. Congrats on the victory too!

  • Luisjoey says:

    was a good battle and oustanding report

  • SpeculaKilla says:

    Great pictures! This report was engaging and very easy to follow.

  • theGricks says:

    Outstanding report! Well done!

  • Epistaxis says:

    Excellent report and pictures, Commander! Keep up the great work!

  • DeliverThisDough says:

    McKaptian – Understood, received, and welcomed Bear Force One. I’ll make sure the Transductors are outfitted for in-flight snack distribution.

    Razek – We’ll make sure to hook up a non-acquatic car for Hasslehiff’s team.

    Knyx – With all the shotgunning she did, I guess the Zondnaut herself has a color scheme now. Thank you!

  • Fuwafuwaru says:

    Lets go Nomads!

  • Tristan228 says:

    Great Report, Commander!

  • McKaptian says:

    Congratulations commander. As a representative of the Ariadna Command Council of Bear Force 1, I would like to present you with a gift of a can of Okolnir’s finest Sardines. Additionally, we already have a significant train load of premium quality sardines we would like to donate for the Pilot Relief efforts. Please have your command staff reach out to Trash Pander to facilitate the transport and distribution. With your current command of Montalban, I’m sure the care of all Cetaceans will benefit under your care.


  • Knyx says:


  • Desanges says:

    Nicely done. Securing the trains will be important when we save our pilots.

  • Razek2648 says:

    That is a wonderful table! Great report too! I will certainly reference the train you have secured when the Hasselhiff’s teams reach the pilots!

  • DeliverThisDough says:

    Thank you! Working on getting the rest of it in right now!

  • uberbranchez says:

    Definitely delivered the dough this time! Outstanding work and great report!