Invincible army ensures HVT extraction

Yu Jing
VS O-12

General DeltaUruz here, reporting a victory for the glorious State-Empire.

I start my first turn activating the haris composed by Zhanshi hacker-Zhanshi Engineer-Shang ji AP-HMG, with the latter going on a full killing spree and neutralizing an oko copperbot, the defensive turret, a kappa with hmg and a TR hmg bot without missing a beat, only taking a one-order break to allow the hacker to activate the first tech-coffin on top of the tallest platform to find the first HVT.

With all ARO pieces removed, Krit is now free to leverage his advanced position and activate 2 more tech-coffins, finding the second HVT in the further one, and concluding the turn placing a repeater and taking cover prone behind a wall

In the first Starmada turn, the Haris composed by Nyoka FO-Bronze paramedic and Epsilon HMG activates, and engages in a fierce firefight with my linked Haidao MSR, who initially triumphs taking down the Epsilon, but gets finally defeated after the enemy trooper gets revived by the Bronze and gets back in the fight. With few orders left, the O12 troops can only reposition to take control of the nearest HVT quadrant.

My second turn sees again the Shang ji and Kokram doing all the fighting, taking turns in engaging the enemy Haris from long and short distances, and finally managing to completely annihilate it. In the process, Krit was also able to perform a Coup-de-Grace on the Nyoka, scoring the point for the classified objective. The last orders are spent to make my Core team survivors (Zhanshi commlink, Zhanshi paramedic, Pangguling FTO) advance to take control of the further HVT’s sector.

The second starmada turn sees the reinforcements deploy in cover on a platform near the HVT found by Krit: a three men fireteam composed by a Bronze with multi rifle, a Ment hacker and a Vidocq doctor.

The Vidocq immediately engages my core fireteam, taking down the commlink operator and the pangguling, while the bronze takes care of Kokram, leaving him unconscious and simoultaneously triggering an E/M mine placed by the engineer the turn before, making good use of his total immunity.

The decimated group 1, with just a few orders left, engages with no effect in a long range battle with the Warcor in attempt to reposition a bit, to advance towards the HVT controlled by the Shang Ji’s team, planning a desperate last turn Threaten.

On the third turn, the state-empire reinforcements arrive: a Fireteam composed by a Jujak with tinbot and breaker combi, Dokkaebi MK12 and Sulyong FO deploys to engage the enemy reinforcements, while a Son Bae with MK12 lands on a platform a bit further back, to ensure a good visual on the taget quadrant, planning to go in suppressive fire if needed.

The Dokkaebi fails to kill the Vidocq, who dodges out of LOS behind a building with the rest of his team. That creates a wonderful oppotunity for the Sulyong to get closer, climb the stairs of the platform, reach the corner of the building and unload his light shotgun on the whole team, killing all the reinforcements at once. Concerning group one, we witness a very poor display of skills by the Zhanshi paramedic, who clearly didn’t know how to use a medikit, and in attempt to revive Kokram and the Zhanshi commlink, kills them both.

The rest of the orders are spent on the Lu Duan, who advances fast and undisturbed towards the last enemy Fireteam and burns it to death with the double flamethrower, but gets destroyed in the process by the victims’AROs.

With only one Kappa left alive, the Starmada forces retreat, and a 10-0 victory is scored for the glory of the State Empire.

I must admit, dice gods have been pretty good with me on this one. I’m really enjoying the new reinforcements mode, it forces you to think differently both in game and in list-building, and even if you get Alpha striked and you are losing badly, it gives you the opportunity to strike back effeftively. Maybe it won’t turn the game around, but sure you’ll get some fun!

Sorry for potato-quality photos, they were taken in a bit of a rush

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