Antenna + Human = Kebab

Combined Army
Dom aka. Bardiel
VS Haqqislam
Herr Kalloy


The EI moved us to Bhai after our last victory. There is an uplink center there which helps us on one hand to coordinate the rescue missions and on the other hand to influence the weather. this gives us a decent advantage in dealing with these anomalies.

However, our reconnaissance has reported that this station will be attacked shortly, so we will certainly be needed.

When we arrived, most of the local personnel had already evacuated themselves, and we only found one technician who reeked of alcohol. He calls himself Monstrucker and boasts that he is a great warrior, which amuses the whole team of the Drakeneater offensive. So we give him back his weapons and take him on as a mascot. Let him show what kind of warrior he is :D


On the left flank we have placed our Hungries team, there they have free way for a fast advance. Monstrucker gives them cover.
On the inside left, a team of Dartok, Kaitok and Rindak provide fire support and form the rearguard. While we advance with a large team on the right flank ( Anyat, Dartok, Kaitok, Kornak and a Vanguart(paramedic)).

There were also ikatrons and daturazi on both flanks that could protect us from various traps.

The enemy also went into position

First Contact

The enemy stretched directly with his strongest Kreiger, an Azrail his ugly grimace from the cover and BÄÄM!
our mascot had not underestimated! he shot before Azrail could act with his acrylate cannon and stuck their warrior.

Also their motorcycles died directly in the hail of bullets from our Feuerbach

the enemy now placed a hell machine at the main terminial and entrenched itself where it could


we advanced on all flanks as planned.
Sure, there were a few losses because here and there a Daturazi was too arrogant. but basically everything went as planned.

The Hungies rushed forward to get their firmly glued tasty morsels
Anyat covered the machine with a few EM grenades so that we could easily take them out. and Dartok activated the antenna.

I would have loved to recognize her face when Dartok fired the pitcher and shortly after her beloved hacker retired due to a fatal headache.

We also got her annoying drone pretty soon

Desperation attack

Their machine gunner attacked our Kaitok who punished him with heavy hits for this insolence.

But like a miracle he survived!


nor our next offensive, we were certain of victory.

The Hungries achieved their goal and took their prey, the Azrail, and we destroyed the rebellious machine gunner.

EI gave us a good fight and we a victory. This day will bring us glory

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Combined Army
Dom aka. Bardiel

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