Police violence also generates counter-violence

Combined Army
Dom aka. Bardiel
VS O-12

we have played domination

The O12 has the first move. and advances directly with its Beta and activates the first console. then he advances further to the midfield and makes further advances difficult.
On the other side, kappas continue to advance.
Also some "expensive" units like the Gamma are placed in front to dominate areas.

Also the combined moves forward and dukash manages to win a console. on the other side a drone moves forward and dominates this area as well. Dukash engages in a firefight with the Beta and inflicts a wound.

The O12 begins the attack. A Delta falls on Dukash's back and takes him out.

the Combined Army returns the attack and stalks the Gamma on one hand and defeats it in close combat on the other Nourkias attacks, defeats the Delta and continues to advance and manages to grab the enemy console as well as dominate the 3rd sector.

Finally, there are a few exchanges of fire in which the Omega of the O12 stands out, because the O12 still manages to recapture its consoles and territories.

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Combined Army
Dom aka. Bardiel