Military Operation Assessment Alpha 0-1

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VS Tohaa

Battle Assessment Alpha 0-1.
Report Author: Dorian, director of combat effectiveness analysis, Exrah Commissariat.
Battle result: Pyrrhic Victory
Begin individual assessment reports:

Gaki – Asset analysis: Satisfactory

Gaki assets units achieved satisfactory combat results. Presence provided area denial to enemy allowing for more valuable assets to gain positional advantage over enemy forces. While all gaki assets were lost in this operation, several without achieving impact to enemy forces, those that did achieve an investment return did so on a level above historical trend expectation. Gaki asets continue to prove an effective disposable asset. Enemy forces will seek to engage Gaki assets even at cost of their own troopers in the resulting explosion upon death. Gaki assets performance was satisfactory and advocate additional usage.

Bit & Kiss – Asset analysis: Unacceptable

Bit & Kiss assets performed at unacceptable levels during the operation. Asset Bit positioned in a strategically unwise location. OpFor were of the Tohaa race, reliance on biological instead of technological means renders effectiveness of hacking to a minimum. Asset Bit should have positioned more aggressively and utilized weapons doctrine to defend objective. Instead asset Bit positioned in such a way as to be vulnerable to infiltration from Tohaa asset Jaan Staar. Such vulnerability allowed for incapacitation of asset Bit, and consequently asset Kiss without any operational effectiveness. Bit & Kiss asset performance rated as unacceptable, recommend immediate reeducation and redeployment to rear line duties.

Shrouded – Asset Analysis: Satisfactory

Shrouded asset provided minimal combat effectiveness, but paramount strategic effectiveness. Deployment of dazer device proved to be invaluable to operational effectiveness. Tohaa OpFor progress was impeded and effectively prevented from accessing objective. Combat performance was within expected parameters, but effectiveness limited due to OpFor regenerative abilities. Shrouded asset did not hesitate to sacrifice self for benefit of mission. Recommend procurement of additional Shrouded assets from Shasvaasti forces.

Agent Sheskiin (Boarding Armor) – Asset Analysis: Acceptable

Asset Sheskiin combat performance deemed adequate. Effective deployment of Red Fury neutralized key OpFor assets. Asset Sheskiin supplemented efforts of Caliban asset in neutralizing key OpFor strike team. Dispatch of three OpFor Assets in hand to hand combat achieved demoralizing effect. Pict-Imagers captured for psyop usage per requested confidential communication. Higher analysis prohibited due to over exposure of asset Sheskiin, resulting in Electro-Magnetic damage to boarding armor. As commander of operation, asset Sheskiin was relieved of duties and unable to restart systems rendering irreparable harm to operational command and making further individual contributions to mission impossible.

Caliban – Asset Analysis: Satisfactory

Caliban asset combat and strategic performance both rated as satisfactory. Effective use of Pulzar crippled Opfor advance strike team. While no fatalities were inflicted, opening in enemy lines was created and successfully exploited by asset Sheskiin. Higher analysis prohibited due to over-aggressive positioning when operational command fail-safe taken into account.

Unidron – Asset Analysis: Inconclusive

Unidron assets proved inconclusive to operational effectiveness. Poor support from allied forces combined with lack of aggression from OpFor did not provide for adequate analysis. Assumptions that Unidron Assets provided deterrent along optimal route can be inferred, however can not be objectively codified nor analyzed. Recommend additional deployment to achieve better analysis.

Zabuk – Asset Analysis: Acceptable

Zabuk asset performance rated as acceptable. Zabuk asset effectively neutralized OpFor Jan Staar, but only after irreparable harm had been done to operational effectiveness. Zabuk asset additionally proved ineffective against OpFor secondary strike team. However analysis indicates this is a result of OpFor regenerative capabilities, not for lack of performance of Zabuk asset. Recomment additional deployment, with additional training on proper defensive positioning prior to first contact.

Aida Swanson – Asset Analysis: Exceeds expectations

Asset Aida Swanson exceeded expectations in both strategic and combat effectiveness. Individual resourcefulness saw asset Aida Swanson engage OpFor with flame throwing device. Proper strategic placement of viral dispenser resulted in casualty of mission-critical OpFor asset. Asset Aida Swanson proved untenable for OpFor pheroware, and used opening to ignite OpFor secondary mission-critical asset instead of preserve self, and took operational command following communication loss of asset Sheskiin. Recommend additional compensation for exceeding performance.

Obsidon Medchanoid – Asset Analysis: Inconclusive

Obsidon Medchanoid asset analysis inconclusive. Asset was neutralized by OpFor asset Jaan Staar prior to operational engagement. Obsidon Medchanoid asset not rated for combat engagement Failure to neutralize Jaan Staar expected. Fault for ineffectiveness of Obidon Medchanoid asset place with assets Bit & Kiss.

Rasyat Diplomatic Division – Asset Analysis: Satisfactory.

Rasyat Diplomatic asset provided zero combat effectiveness. Asset remained aboard drop ship for nearly entire operation. Asset deployed late in engagement. Asset executed combat jump onto beacon with satisfactory results. Asset secured beacon but was unable to exfiltrate before end of operational activities.

############################## OUT OF CHARACTER######################################

It was a tough game, I misdeployed and got outplayed hard turn 1. I was able to balance the scales a bit but the game quickly became a “Who can score SOMETHING. I was able to complete my classified by killing 3 enemies in melee with Sheskiin, and snag the box with a hail-mary Rasyat combat drop. He dropped in perfectly to be objective blocked from a hidden-deployment model, and on the last order of the game tapped control of the box. Final score 5-0 (2 for having his beacon, 2 for predator classified, 1 for him not having my beacon.)

Sn0 played very well, and I don’t think my list was bad, I think I just needed to utilize it better and have better deployment positioning. He was able to sneak jaan Staar right up into my hacker-Dr. Worm – Sniper nest.

I like to do “Narrative” battle reports, not true turn-by-turn. There’s dozens, hundreds, thousands of those. In this campaing I’m taking on the character of an Exrah officer doing combat analysis. So if it seems a little “dry” and reads like a TPS report, there’s a reason. But I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you something different to enjoy from the usual.

End of turn 1, everyone on my center white building is down. Sheskiin is up the right side. Daer placement was critical.
Table setup
Rasyat MVP - Yes that's just a Morat and a Hqq token, but hey, Monke is Monke.

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