O12 Defense of Area Surrounding Rhodan Spaceport

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VS Nomads

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Both players are conscious of the mission and make sure that mines are placed near the objective to make any attempts to steal the vital supplies are hindered…..or very painful.

Nomad Turn 1:

The Nomads start their offensive by pushing up their Vostok, Fiddler, and Jelena team to protect their attack vectors to the supply boxes. The Vostok covers a lane and goes into suppressive fire. A Zellenkrieger is tasked with removing Casanova to ensure that an attack on the following turn is not hindered by the well-dressed agent. The Zellenkrieger launches himself into Casanova, but thankfully the agent is able to put the mutant down before going unconscious himself.

O12 turn 1:

With the Vostok and Fiddler in locations that the Epsilon can easily get a bullet to, the O12 commander is feeling very hopeful. The Officer pops up from his perch to shoot at Fiddler. She manages to dodge the incoming fire and get behind a billboard to protect her from future pain. Saddened, but still hopeful, the Epsilon runs to the edge of the building and tells the nearby varangian to begin the attack. The left varangian speculatively throws a grenade to cover the approach to the suppressive firing Vostok knowing that the MSV2 equipment of his fellow officer will make it an easy engagement.

The Epsilon walks to the edge of the building and sprays bullets in the direction of the Vostok and manages to only hit once in the first engagement for no effect The next engagement proves to be much more decisive as he recieves a bullet to his brain. To put it lightly I was slightly miffed. Delta Officer Bradigan knew he would have to make up for the poor performance of his compatriot and crawls onto the battlefield behind the Vostok. Knowing that the Nomads use dishonorable tactics with guided missile robots, he knew he could cause a significant problem if he managed to put it out of commission. Bradigan rushed forward with his spitfire and removed the supporting remotes that were forming an ad hoc support base behind the main battle area. He took cover behind some boxes to reload and get ready for the next sprint of action.

Nomads Turn 2:

Fiddler sensed the opening to the supply box and jumped off her perch. Fiddler then encountered her classic weakness. Hidden deployment sniper fire from a Lynx. Classic blunder on her part. She didn’t survive the encounter. The supporting Grenzer unfortunately had the Lynx in his sights and was able to get the upper hand on the rival sniper. Lynx Agent Francois will be remembered fondly.

Jelena then advances to the supply box to clear the area of the minefield. She knew that at some point the sensor she carried with her everywhere would become useful. She advanced up to the cleared supply box and nicked it before any surrounding officers could tell her to knock it off. She then ran for her miserable life like a coward.

O12 turn 2:

The left varangian knew he needed to advance to help remove the Vostok obstacle. He started running and realized that his comm unit was being spiked from a nearby Jammer. He decided he would stand in the open and pout until someone did something about it. Delta officer Bradigan knew the classic tactics of the Heckler unit well. He would have to remove the offending heckler so the Lawkeeper could have an unmolested advance to help rescue any stolen supplies. Bradigan climbed a ladder to look at the nearby roofs. Thankfully, he was rewarded with a incapacitated Heckler and he was able to waste an outrageous amount of time (about 6 orders) attempting to undermine the nearby Arachne node since that was his secondary objective.

The Lawkeeper senses his chance and rushes forward to help remove the Vostok. He sprays the remote with his upgraded chainrifle to no effect. As the machine spins around to look at him, the lawkeeper decides a different tactic is needed. He speeds away from the machine in the open as fast as he can to get into the optimal range for his red fury. Thankfully he is able to outshoot the killing machine and find cover before he reloads all of his weapons. The PsiCop moves up to cover the escape route of Jelena to attempt to get the supply box back.

Nomads Turn 3

Jelena darts between cover and manages to escape the area with the stolen box. She drags it back to the safe zone of the defensive team. Thankfully she manages to undermind the O12’s network with such contemptuous ease that it embarasses all of O12’s cyberdivision. A formal complaint is filed. The defensive team moves into position and they all point their guns in the direction of the O12 forces before going into full suppressive mode.

O12 Turn 3

Delta Officer Bradigan knew that today was his day. He knew that if he was going to be able to save the supply box he was going to have to remove the threat of the Grenzer. He took a deep breath, rounded the corner, and then had his brains splattered across the nearby ground. Delta Officer Bradigan will be remembered fondly.

The PsiCop moved into position to clear another heckler so that the Lawkeeper would have an opportunity to steal the enemy supply box unmolested. Thankfully the trigger was pulled and a disgusting nomad corpse hit the floor to be arrested and charged later. The Lawkeeper sped to the objective and got back to the staging area quickly. The mission was an overall failure and many good officers and also the Epsilon fell this day. More missions required their attention however; and the fight for justice never ends.

7-5 Win for Tunguska

After-Battle Thoughts

Many laughs were made. Many tears were had…..mostly by me. The Epsilon whiffing 7 of his 8 dice and then getting crit was just a big ol pile of bad luck. There were a few specific movements where the game could have really gone my direction and we both played very clean games. It's one of those games where you really can’t think of what you would have done differently. It was just what it was.

I will continue to ask if Grenzers have minmitism until the day I die.

Dr. D of Task Force Corgo OUT

Lieutenant Liberty OUT
Commander of Task Force Corgo
SWORDFOR Officer of Councilium Defense Force


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