Departure zone protection

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VS Ariadna

We are tasked with holding a departure zone from the Spaceport. Ariadna Caledonia came for the departure zone. We had a great start of there arrival with the sin-eaters standing on guard to make sure that Caledonia was not getting close to but we did loose one sin-eater but was traded by taking one of their own down. We started getting taken over and loosing men to them even when reinforcements came in they did not last against them for long but we did put up a fight but in the long run we lost our spot but are regrouping finding a new Lieutenant to go back and take back what we have lost so that we may gain further ground to bring more to keep a great position. We lost almost all of us but three made it. A sin-eater, Daktari with his zonbot, and a moderator as for the other force they only last a few from their forces and gained the advantage of the spot. We may have fallen today but will come back and take back what we have lost.

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