Tohaa incursion at Huaqiao

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Yu Jing
Eddie Cee
VS Tohaa

State empire intel detected an incursion from the fugitive Tohaa remnants at Tai Sui facilities. Fearing the worst, a heavy armored interdiction team was put together to evacuate high value targets stored at the cryogenics facilities.

Seizing the initiative, the tohaa intruders decided to choose deployment and ceded the first turn to the Yujing defenders. Setting up a heavy defensive perimeter with Sapper snipers, HMG triad teams and pheroware commandoes, the Tohaa would let the Yujing troops break themselves in the deadly killing field.

Similarly, the yujing defenders opted to set up a defensive perimeter with heavy Longya drone remotes covering a quadrant in mines and an assault team of Mowang/Zuyong paramedics ready to open pods and dig out the opposition with heavy firepower. Kuang shi garrison teams stood ready on the front line to trade their lives for absolution. A Daoying hacker stood ready to command the troops from a camoflauged position.

Sapping command points from the main force, the Yujing defenders opted for a cagey approach and smoked the first pod closest to their specialist teams. With the approach safe, the daoying burnt through orders to reach the pod and open it, revealing the HVT with the very first roll. With less than stellar WIP rolls, the vast majority of the turn was spent egging the secured HVT to a safe spot where they could be safe from the Tohaa. The mowang fireteam reached a safe spot to lay down fire on the HMG Sukeul team, disposing of the symbiomate but accomplishing little else.

Losing nothing to the defenders, the Tohaa launched a blistering counterattack led by a makaul/kamael fireteam, which ran up all the way to the Mowang team through smoke cover. Emerging from the smoke, the makauls laid down heavy flamethrower fire on the unsuspecting chinese, putting the zuyong down through extreme immolation. The Mowang shrugged off most of the fire and incredibly managed to survive an entire turn of HMG and flamethrowers with lucky dodges and superior armor rolls, with the kuang shi picket line responding slowly to the intrusion.

Prioritizing the Makaul fireteam was key to slowing the Tohaa down, and the celestial guard escort goaded the kuang shi to make a suicide run on the Tohaa teams. utilising their impetuous moves the kuang shi were able to put the entire fireteam down with spectacular chain rifle rolls at the cost of their lives. A worthy sacrifice to the state! With the attack fireteam out of commission the Yujing defenders once again attempted to take on the sukeul HMG but were driven off by a series of critical hits from the plucky tohaa. Resigning themselves to the fact that the Tohaa could not be taken in a straight fight, the surviving troops prepared themselves for the next turn..

While the Attack fireteam was down, the Tohaa werent yet out of options and made a run for their pods, opening them both but miraculously failing to attain a HVT hostage. It turned out the Longyas were in the correct position after all! With this daunting discovery that the Tohaa would have to run a gauntlet of their own a desperate attempt was made to put the drones and minefields out of commission with sniper fire, which put down one drone for good and knocked out another. Unfortunately the lack of orders meant that the only specialist on that side of the board, the diplomatic delegate, would not be able to make a run for the objective.

Quickly running out of options, Yujing commanders resorted to making a daring raid with the Mowang, which was promptly cut off with a successful pheroware attack. Now isolated, the indignant mowang could only advance to a position of cover to wait out the rest of the game. On the other end of things, the attached monstrucker mercenary managed to put the drone back into working order, putting yet another obstacle in the way of the diplomat. Securing the HVT with the last few orders, The yujing defenders prayed to the gods that the Tohaa attack would run out of steam!

With the last pod almost secured except for the revived drone, the Tohaa were able to take it down once more and send the plucky diplomat on one final run into the minefield. Burning through orders to reach the final pod, the Tohaa diplomat successfully cracked the codes and revealed their HVT, but her alien charms were resisted by the unwilling civilian and could not drag them away from being threatened by the Yujing survivors. Having no choice, the Tohaa commander appealed for peace and withdrew their mostly intact forces away from the decimated defenders…

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Yu Jing
Eddie Cee