Trouble with the Shimmering Sky, again.

VS Nomads

Boy, this year’s campaign was going on under some kind of a bad sign for me. All I’ve managed to get done were two games in phase #2, against the same opponent.

So, Delusioninst’s Corregidor faced against my vanilla Haqq this time. With a pretty unconventional list as far as my lists go.

The table layout:

Turn 0 - empty table, left flank, Corregidor side
Turn 0, empty table, center from Corregidor side
Turn 0, empty table, right flank, Corregidor side
Turn 0, empty table - left flank, Haqqislamite side
Turn 0, empty table - right flank, Haqqislamite side

I have lost the Lt. roll, but my opponent decided to keep deployment, and let me move first. Which is a sensible decision in an end-scoring mission!

I have deployed for flank movement, with Shihab TR HMG (backed by the Monstrucker) and Fanous Flashpulse REMs holding the center. Djanbazan in cover, ready to draw long lines-of-fire. Al’Hawwa ready to pounce on the left antenna, and Farzan on the right one. Fiday deep on the left, and al-Djabel in reserve.

My opponent deployed a strong Alguacile Core on a building, backed by Daktari and Mobile Brigada. EVAder / Vostok Haris deep on the right, and left flank being held by a Transductor Zond, Monstrucker, and Jazz behind them. Plus a Camo Marker (Intruder) prone in the center.

Turn 0 deployment, left flank, Haqqislamite
turn 0 deployment - cenrer and right, Haqqislamite
turn 0 detail - Alguaciles Core Fireteam and friends
turn 0 deployment - EVAder and Vostok Haris, deep right flank
turn 0 deployment - left flank, Jazz, Transductor and (proxy) Monstrucker
turn 0 deployment - detail - Haqq left flank
turn 0 deployment detail - Haqq center right
turn 0 deployment - reserve - al-Djabel lurking, deep right flank.

Haqqislam turn #1
I got deprived of the only 2 Regular Orders in my Group #2.

Ghazi Muttawi’ah set up smoke on the right flank, allowing the Kum LSG and other Ghazi to move forward.
The other Kum and last Ghazi advanced left flank (Ghazi more towards the antenna. She got Flashpulsed, Stunned, yet kept pressing. The Transductor, after all ,couldn’t do her any harm).The Kum managed nothing this turn, but still set himself in a comfy corner.

Hassassin Fiday managed to get to Jazz and take her down.
Al-Djabel advanced the other flank, but without any special achievements - he burned through several Orders, put Billie and the Transductor Zond on my right unconscious, and entered Close Combat with an EVAder.

Time for Djanbazan to do his job - he moved right, took out the damaged Transductor, and forced the Vostok into Cover.

Asawira / Muktar Duo tried taking down the left-flank Transductor, but to no effect.

Kum LSG advanced into close-range with the Alguacile ML, and killed him with two well-placed shotgun shots.

Haqq turn 1 end - right flank
Haqq turn 1 end - center right
Haqq turn 1 end - left flank
Haqq turn 1 end - left flank, another take

Corregidor Turn #1
The Intruder dropped out of camouflage, mortally wounded the closest Ghazi, put my Asawira Lt Unconscious, forced the LSG Kum to dodge out of the way, and traded fire with the Fanous.
He forgot about the nearby Fiday. And ate a LSG template for his trouble, taking the Intruder out.

The Alguaciles reformed with Daktari, realigned, avoided two consecutive Jammer attempts from the Ghazi laying in wait next to their fortress, took down both of my REMs with HMG fire (losing one Alguacile in the process), and - after a few attempts - my Fiday.

I think she did my LSG Kum, too.

What can I say, soaking a number of enemy Orders and taking down both Jazz and HMG Intruder the Fiday certainly earned his resurrection!

Someone (Feuerbach EVAder, I think) shot into Close Combat, wounding the other EVAder, but also putting al-Djabel unconscious. The other EVAder then advanced and repaired Billie.

Asawira successfully Regenerated a wound, coming back from Unconscious.

Corregidor turn 1 end - unconscious al-Djabel

Haqqislam turn #2
Right-wing Ghazi tried a suicide run with Smoke and then Chainrifle, but to no success - Smoke wasn’t set, and both EVAder & Billie passed their Dodge rolls.

The other Ghazi, out of Jammers, decided to wait.

The last Kum drove forward and died to a fusillade of Alguacile fire - but blasted two of them (inc. HMG) down with his Chainrifle.

Which allowed the Monstrucker to repair the Shihab REM. Took her 4 attempts (fuelled by 3 of my Command Tokens!). I could bicker about discount irregular Engineers, but hey - she was free.

Asawira managed to -finally - blast the left-flank Transductor to smithereens.

Djanbazan moved on, trading fire with the Haris, and managed to put Vostok unconscious, plus wound and force the Feuerbach prone into Cover.

The waiting Ghazi repeated his brother’s suicidal run, to similar effect (no gains).

Djanbazan set up Suppressive Fire.

Haqq turn 2 end - state of the Alguaciles Fireteam
Haqq turn 2 end - right flank
Haqq turn 2 end - center
Haqq turn 2 end - left flank

Corregidor Turn #2
With the left flank in tatters, my opponent decided to try and put his Alguacile Fireteam back together. Daktari managed to bring back the HMG, but the other unconscious Alguacile died. He had no tokens left at this moment, so couldn’t re-link the HMG, and she died again trading fire with my Shihab.

Djanbazan held out heroically, but fell unconscious at last. Still, his Suppressive Fire was very effective at keeping him alive - the Feuerbach EVAder took a wound, and Billie, who jumped out of her hiding spot to lay a mine (blocking access to the right-flank Antenna) was blasted out of existence.

Mobile Brigada, somewhen during this commotion, managed to get down from his ivory tower ;) and moved for the right flank.

Monstrucker tried to take down my Asawira, but ate a bullet for his trouble.

Djan HMG Regenerated successfully.

Corregidor turn 2 end - left flank
Corregidor turn 2 end - right flank

Haqq turn #3
I moved the Shihab to Group #1 with my last Command Token.

Asawira Frenzied, but there were no targets for him anyway.

Djanbazan got rid of the Feuerbach EVAder, and set up Suppressive Fire again.

Al’Hawwa pounced on the left-flank antenna, and activated it. He remained in control of it till the end of the game.

Hassassin Farzan tried to get around Billie’s mine, but I was running out of orders. I had to push it, so he ran for the antenna and activated it, though fell unconscious in the process.

I have also pushed the Monstrucker forward: she landed prone behind it.

Haqq turn 3 end - right flank
Haqq turn 3 end - center
Haqq turn 3 end - left flank

Corregidor turn #3
Effectively, Mobile Brigada ran forward, managed to down the Djanbazan, put my Monstrucker unconscious, and Controlled the right-flank Antenna.

And that was it.

Corregidor turn 3 end - right flank

End score:
Haqqislam: 6 (Activated both antennas, Controlled one, had Lt. alive at the end of the game).
Corregidor:2 (controlled one antenna, had Lt. alive at the end of the game).

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