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Standing below a massive tree, Kornak surveyed the encampment before him. Humans of what appeared to be the Tartary Army Corps were scurrying around a beacon and loading supplies into several transports. They were far too comfortable on Edda and would have to be put in their place. Luckily, the members of the Morats Aggression Force gathered behind him would be more than eager oblige them.

Quickly and quietly the force got into position, Pretas and Gakis chomping at the bit to get to the enemy. A fast and brutal force ready to start this engagement with the appropriate amount of aggression.

— Beginning Battle Report —

With the majority of the TAK prone and well out if sight, I had to make the choice of pushing towards what I say as my 3 main problems. #1 the Dynamos who had the speed to get to my beacon and take it back to their side, #2 the Ratnik which I have little to no experience facing but big beefy boy always a concern, or #3 focus on the objective and secure the beacon in turn 1. I, possibly foolishly, discounted the Traktor MUL as a concern.

As it was, I pushed the Daturazi up the board dropping smoke where necessary in order to put a smoke grenade out onto the beacon. Then I followed that up with a series of moves and cautious moves which saw my forward deploying beast of a Rindak up the board, grab the beacon, and make a dash all the way back to my deployment zone. After all that I was left with a single order left hanging while my troops were pretty much were I wanted them so… suppressive fire on the submachine gun the Rindak had? I was a little worried there might be parachute troops creeping onto the board and wanted to give myself the best chance of holding the beacon.

My opponents turn 1 started with him on the back foot but not hurt, which is never how you want your opponent starting. He advanced with his bikes, which I expected and while concerning I hoped I could handle, but stopped his advance after he got a forward observe off on my Kaitok. Then, I got the terror of going through a missile bombardment. However, high armor, 2 wounds, and a touch of luck almost saw me survive that but at least I only went unconscious (with a paramedic Vanguard just around he corner). His final order trying to finish off my unconscious Kaitok failed to do the job. He moved his Scout up and managed to get his objective card which I wasn’t as fussed about as I was the scout sitting in a less than ideal location.

Turn 2 started off with with me sending my Oznat lead fireteam out to play. Managed to kill the Dynamo close to me, then popped smoke to prevent the Ratnik from raining down death and move from center table overwatching my beacon to slide my left side of the table. I had the thought of getting close enough to eat the other bike and prevent a speedy retaliation. Possibly, if I was a touch lucky, get to the MUL. If I could take that out then picking up my Kaitok wouldn’t be a completely wasted gesture. I made some serious mistakes during my move up which cost me one Gaki who should have been better used to take out the Scout, then barely managed to kill the bike plus one of his line troopers who stood up to eat a Preta chain rifle in the face. After all was said and done I was left with my Oznat in a bad position in the open with the rest of her team dead. Honestly, I bungled that and was lucky to walk away with the success I did from it. Ah well, we all need reminders now and then to not get carried away with our fancy plans. Last thing I did was to pick up the Kaitok because if nothing else he’s a threat you need to burn orders to put back down.

2 orders into my opponents turn 2 and my Kaitok was dead. Ah well, at least he burnt 2 orders. Then his Scout put in some work (admittedly my dice were less than fantastic but all credit where due my opponent used the Scout perfectly) taking out my Rindak and the slipping up with within ZoC to Kornak and my Vanguard paramedic. The Ratnik swatted away my Oznat like it wasn’t even there (which didn’t surprise me in the least).

Unfortunately we spent to much time having fun and talking pregame so we had out pack up and let the shop close for the night there. After some discussion we worked out that with the turn 3 orders I would have just shimmied my defences a bit, and then my opponent would had to grab his beacon and take it back out if my deployment zone. Which would have been difficult but not impossible. It would have been impossible for him to take my beacon back to his deployment zone although it’s possible he could have grabbed that too on his way out. Unlikely, but we wanted to at least figure out what was the probably conclusion if we’d run the game all the way through.

—End Battle Report—

Kornak surveyed the bloody remnants of his battle force. Few had survived, but they’d gotten the job done, if barely. They also give the humans a taste of what awaited them. He’d have to come back personally to deal with then in the future. Until then, he was going to have to scrounge up some more Gakis.

Game Board Pre Deployment
Objective card
My Deployment
Opponents Deployment
Turn One
End of my turn one
Bad things being done to good monkies
Turn Two
And so ends the valiant Rindak, VIP for the Morats in this game

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