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Combined Army
VS PanOceania

— Beginning Battle Report —

Start of turn 1 my Datruazi started off by running around laying down smoke. With smoke out, my Kaitok with a handy dandy Feuerbach moved into position to open fire on the Nokken and Liang Kai (specifically one of the Nokken). After dropping the Nokken my Datruazi managed to take out a Locust while the Oznat got into position to put smoke down close to the AC. My though process being this would be a good spot to drop in a Rasyat (which I happened to have) and then start wrecking the AC right away. I then moved my Kaitok up into the central building and started raining fire down onto the Fugazi across from me.

It was at this point that I seconded guessed myself, and walked my Rasyat onto the table behind Liang Kai in the hopes of preventing him from making a mad rush across the table into my lines. This went horribly wrong because I misjudged my range and Liang Kai dodged to turn and make it into me. Then I tried to melee him down but…well, it didn’t go my way so I was out a Rasyat and had smoke out which I didn’t need. Not exactly a high note to end my turn 1 on.

During my opponents turn 1 his Karhu tried to take out my Yaogat Spitfire but the Yaogat proved his worth and took out the Karhu instead. After that my opponent spent quite a few orders on his HMG wielding Knight Hospitaller trying to take out my Kaitok but eventually managed it (those Kaitoks are tough monkies). After that the Hospitaller moved up and fairly easily slaughtered my Oznat and most of my gakis.

Turn 2 started with my last gaki running for the enemy AC but getting a flashlight to the face from a Fugazi, ending any chance the gaki could wreck the AC this turn. After that fail I managed to grab a couple sets of Dcharges from the panoply on my left side of the table, and then ran my Rindak into position to pick up Anyat and my Yaogat. That and a little positioning and I was hoping I’d be able to weather the Knights come my opponents turn 2.

During his turn 2 my the HMG Hospitaller went on another rampage, dropping my Yaogat again, along with Anyat and a few more of my morats, leaving me with almost nothing left alive, in LoL, and in retreat at the beginning of my turn 3.

Turn 3, I started in LoL and retreat, but considering everybody who was left alive was veteran we could stay out of sight and safe until my turn ended and ended the game leaving me with more panoply pulls and both of us with untouched ACs. Victory to the Morat Aggression Force.

— Ending Battle Report —

Deployed and ready to start
That was a mistake
Sticky fingered Dartok with loot in his pocket and surviving for victory

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Combined Army


  • thepoorman says:

    Well done!

  • Evanwarped says:

    If I hadn’t been in retreat and it’d gone through round 3 PanO would have chalked up a win no question. But hey, I’ll take the wins I get. As it was this is the downside of challenges. I didn’t make the challenge and didn’t have an option for a location so the challenger called it. Which is great if you’re trying to win something but if you lose…

  • ghost00 says:

    Uber needs a chill pill, good job

  • uberbranchez says:

    Great report and great situational awareness on for the final turn. No need to risk operatives when you’re already up on points.

    Just wish yall would’ve played somewhere else and not our Okolnir. We’ll specifically delay the processing of your “special snacks” that we provide next time.