Tactical retreat on Edda

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VS PanOceania

After being attacked on Okolnir, our troops regathered in Edda, willing to deal a massive blow to tha CA troops fighting in that area. However, due perhaps to poor judgment from our supposed allies, PanO troops attacked us before we could even provide inteligence reports on shasvastii action in the region. With little else to do but to defend ourselves, we managed to incapacitate most of the enemy troops. Lead by none other than Jaan Staar, who personaly took out a fireteam of the enemy, we kept attacking them, until their Montesa Knight brought some supernatural strenght on the field, and managed to do a what would be suiciadal run into a efficient killing act, cripling our forces and turning the tides against us. With little troops left, we were obliged to retreat.

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