Out of time out of luck

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Deployment was kept by me and he made a strong right flank with a 5 man core with a harris middle and Yojimbo solo left. The evo bot was a surprise but the points saved made the harris more dangerous than I gave it credit for, and I gave it a lot of credit. My deployment was more split as I could be defensive or push out and fight for the ball. I struggled a lot but ultimately put my faith in daylami and placed forward.

An aggressive push by both bots was stunted by a lack of orders. The amount of focus on bob from accounting and why he was so near the frontlines and looking at the Keisotsu core like they were buffalo wings was asked. Repeatably. Shots were tradeded but the only fatality was an over eager Daylami taking a “free” and wiffing before being gun down the next order.

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The aggressive deployment payed off and I was able to get good push to the objectives. Standing in my way were two bikes and while both took multiple orders to put down the return fire was very ineffective. Having free reign over the objective and scoring done end of round I was able to max point by pushing the ball and ending in base to base with it.

All the poor rolls has garnered some luck and it was time to cash in. HRL shot into one fireteam, Crit and hit sent the main gun to full dead. Harris moves up, Out duels both Yara and my Asawira to take control over the ball. Fearing doctors and regeneration a small amount of war crimes were committed, as a treat. With the two bodies mutilated the ball crossed the midfield line and the round ended.

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A max score would put the game out of reach. With losing so much of my firepower it became imperative to end the game quickly. A distraction Fiday is a hell of distraction and he was able to cut down one of the Harris and get the all important covering smoke down. The Medic was the last survivor of the Harris and was able to push the ball back across securing the win.

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