A Critical Encounter

VS Ariadna

Preparations went well, the only thing left is to eliminate the Ariadna force that were trying to take over an archeological site. The aim are to swiftly ambush their force and kill the leader. During the scouting it seems that the vast majority of our force have been infected with a parasite, same goes for the enemy.

Hassassins Turn 1
The Fiday, who had successfully infiltrated the ranks of the enemy and placed himself right by their guards, sneaked up on a marauder with a sniper rifle and ended his life. Then he also killed the lieutenant, only to die himself in the trade.
McMurrogh rushed forward an took a shot with his chain rifle, killing a grunt paramedic and the 112. No coming back now for the Ariadna force.
Two of the Daylamis tries to take down the marauder with the Heavy Rocket Launcher but fails and one of them falls unconcious in the trade.

US Ariadna Turn 1
The Unknown Ranger, the Key Op for the Ariadna force advances and engages the Sunduqbut, inflicting one wound. The tables turns when he moves in for the kill but instead suffers a critical viral shot and dies on the spot.
Van Zandt drops in and engages the Asawira lieutenant and managed to put him down to unconcious while suffering a wound in the process. With the knowledge that the Asawira were in a team with a doctor, one of the Devil Dogs took no chances and moved in and finished the job.

Hassassins Turn 2
Yara tries to take down the marauder with HRL, but even though she had the upper hand the marauder entered dogged state and killed Yara. A lot of critical rockets were fired.
The Muyib thried to avenge his fallen team mate and kill the Devil Dog, but failed.

US Ariadna Turn 2
The Devil Dog tired of the Muyib and moved in and killed him, but the Ghulam doctor shot the dog in the back with a shotgun and he took a wound and lost his faithful companion.
Rosie advanced and took down the Fanous.

Hassassins Turn 3
The Ghulam with Grenade Launcher took out Rosie and fell victim to the rifle of a Foxtrot. The Farzan showed himself, locked the foxtrot with a mine and moved to hide on roof. The rest of the force repositioned too make it as hard as possible for the enemy to reach the lieutenant, the farzan.

US Ariadna Turn 3
The heroic Devil Dog moved in to take care of the lieutenant, and managed to kill it while dying himself. The other Devil dog tried to smoke the Sunduqbut but died by the rifle and that was the end of the game.

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