Revenge at Tai Sui

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VS Yu Jing

— He could feel Sharif’s eyes on him, as he gazed at the outskirts of the Tai Sui Facilities. He had not quite come to terms with the reality that they should not be here, he had pushed it to the back of his mind. But Leila Sharif was doing her best to communicate that, without outright saying it, she knew he had gone way off the reservation.

Lieutenant Al Idrissi had decided that, after their rout in defence of the Terraforming Campus, the best course of action was to round up more troops and pursue the aggressors back to their home base. That had turned out to also be the home of the Master Clock, a location officially off limits for Haqqislam forces. But he’d be damned if he did not extract some righteous venge– some detailed intel on how the Yu Jing forces managed to infiltrate Bhai.

The Lieutenant continued to ignore Specialist Sharif’s obvious discontent and summoned his comlog HUD. He scanned his uncomfortably incomplete battle map, tapped on the Kaplan haris fireteam and flicked an instruction to them to begin their assault. From his vantage point on a rooftop overlooking a shallow valley of industrial buildings he could see the assault team pushing up in good order. He looked to the platform above him to the Janissary he had assigned to his squad. She looked down at him expectantly through the glossy black lenses of her helmet and hefted her Missile launcher.

“Onbashi, prepare to receive a counter attack.”

The Janissary saluted. “Yes Bashi.” She replied, and turned to face towards the direction of assault.

Al Idrissi scanned the field, a fervent look in his eyes. There would be no failure this time, the Yu Jing attackers would know that the Men of the Gate do not allow aggression to go unpunished. —

This was a match using the new Resilience Operations and Reinforcements rules versus the Invincible Army.

Please check out the image gallery to see the table set up, objectives and army lists.

I lost the initiative roll off and was forced to go first, which was fine by me. My opponent almost null deployed, so I had pretty much free reign to push up. I impetuously moved my Yuan Yuan and then used its irregular order to move up to close to the central tower.

I then pushed my Kaplan haris up the right flank to see a hiding flash pulse bot. 2 orders spent and all I had to show for it was a stunned Kaplan Spitfire, so I moved the whole fire team onto the grey platform to hold territory near the midline and make reprisals difficult. It took all my orders to achieve very little and so I awaited a response with trepidation.

My Opponent, Missen, began what would become a frustrating series of events for her as she first tried to take out my Warcor with her Yan Huo but was out of range so received a flashpulse for free. I missed, but it wouldn’t be long before the plucky Warcor starter to find the mark.

Unwilling to risk the Yan Huo again, Missen then activated her core fire team and moved her missile bot to take out the Warcor. This went even worse than the Yan Huo exchange as the bot got stunned for its troubles. With the Yan Huo hanging out in the breeze Missen was forced to move it up and take another flashpulse which it failed to dodge and was also stunned.

With the easy attack pieces blunted Missen was then forced to move up her whole core fireteam, led by Tai Sheng, to press some kind of attack. On the way she was finally able to hit the Warcor, but only forced it to Guts prone. With the core fireteam close to the halfway line, Missen then pushed up with Tai Sheng to take on my core linked Janissary Missile launcher standing on ARO duty. The dice were rolled once and were inconclusive. Tai Sheng moved out of cover to improve her range only to take a hit from the ML Janissary and fall unconscious.

Fortunately for Missen there was a Paramedic on hand to revive Tai Sheng and she moved into partial cover while putting a wound on the Janissary.

That brought us to my turn 2 and having lost no pieces yet I decided to go on the attack. I activated my core linked Hafza Forward Observer and crept to within ZoC, but out of LoF, of Tai Sheng and dropped a repeater, however she was able to dodge out of ZoC of the repeater in response. However, this moved her to a position where I was able to move up with my Azra’il APHMG and end her in 1 order.

I then activated my Kaplan fireteam and moved the Spitfire to take aim across the board at an exposed member of the Yu Jing core fireteam, unfortunately the Kaplan missed all its shots and was stunned in return by an overwatching flashpulse bot. With that group effectively neutered and keenly feeling the need to score some points I advanced my Yuan Yuan through ARO fire to see one of Missen’s HVTs and score a point from Silence. The Yuan Yuan died for its trouble, but it was a sacrifice worth making.

With targets thin on the ground, I used my remaining orders to move my Commlog Ghulam across my DZ to make contact with one of my Objectives putting me in position to score a further point via Supply Lines.

Missen’s turn 2 was much more effective than her first and she was able to push up Krit Kokram and kill my Kaplan Spitfire, but before doing further damage my Korsan dodged into melee, stemming any further damage. With Tai Sheng dead, and Yan Huo out of postion, Missen’s core linked ML bot was the only gun she had that could threaten my lines, but threaten, it did. First it climbed up onto the roof of a central building and began raining missiles down on my head. In short order it killed Leila Sharif and my Hafza FO, narrowly missing my LT, it murdered my plucky Warcor and it then put a wound on my Azra’il. That ended Missen’s turn 2, but it was a good one.

Fortunately for me, turn 3 meant the arrival of my reinforcements and then went to work swiftly. I deployed my Odalisque in contact with one of my objectives to secure another point. My hawwa hacker was nearby on a roof and the haris of Sekban HRL, Hakim and Korsan deployed on and around the same building upon which also had the Yu Jing ML bot sitting prone.

I began by needlessly isolating the ML bot with my Hawwa and being isolated in return. I then activated the Sekban haris and killed the ML bot with a pistol. I then stood up my HRL Sekban and took a F2F with the overwatching Yan Huo and put it down in one or two orders. I then moved my Korsan around to engage the remnants of the Zanshi core team, killing them all over the course of a few orders. I also spun off the Hakim at this time and scored 2 more points to complete Silence from an HVT.

Having done some solid work with my reinforcements, I left my Sekban on ARO duty overlooking much of the table, using its 360 visor to cover most angles.

That left the few orders in my G1 to move the Azra’il up into a suppressive fire position and retreat Rahman Rouhani a short distance to await Missen’s response.

Missen’s turn 3 didn’t look so rosy at the start, but she did a good job of clawing back points and nearly forcing a draw. Her reinforcements came down in almost the only place that the Sekban could not see, which fortunately was on the right side of the table for her to push up, dominate my nearest quadrant to score Z Domination, and take control of one of my beacons to score a point from Appropriation. However it took some doing and she got her Hwarang Isolated and lost Krit Kokram along the way, which meant she failed to score Survival.

Overall a very entertaining and close match where reinforcements and Resilience Operations really seemed to shine.

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