Massacre at HUAQIAO Control Room

Yu Jing
VS Combined Army

350 points Reinforcements game of Panic Room

Yu Jing won Initiative and elected to go second.

Onyx removed the Monk Haris and A long Ya, then moved into the Objective Room with a Haris and managed to hold it for an entire turn. Thanks to the Heavy Rocket in the room and a TR bot outside it.

Yu Jing Reinforcements arrive but are waylaid by a canny Remote dodging into engaged state and embarrassing the martial artists, Yu Jing move the Core Linkteam up toward the room splitting off the Tian Gao and then storming the room with a Jujak Engineer which cleared the room with a boarding shotgun and managed to hold it for the second turn but without any essential personnel.

Onyx Reinforcements arrive and struggle to push past the Yu Jing room defenders but continue to throw bodies into the room.

By the end of the game nearly anybody was alive on the table except the few remaining survivors in the room which Was about a foot deep in the blood of alien and human alike.

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Yu Jing

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