Troops Of The Banner Wrestle With The Tohaa

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Yu Jing
VS Tohaa

The sneaky Tohaa took first turn, having deployed first and deploying an Impersonator right in front of my 5-man Zhanshi fireteam, I held back my Blue Wolf and deployed it on the opposite side of the operational zone. There was not a lot standing to react to their first turn given the density of the board, but I deployed a Guilang up the map between the two right hand side tech coffins to threaten the opposing forces. I guarded the other side with a turret, and hid Lei Gong and his entourage of a Monk and Liang Kai overlooking the close by Tech Coffin.
Tohaa Turn 1
Initially, the prospects looked good. Despite the Motorised Bounty Hunter immediately eating a missile launcher from the Core team, what turned out to be the infamous Jaan Star, began dismantling my defensive position on the right-hand side of the board. Three of the five members on the team, the Missile Launcher, the doctor, and the Commlink carrier, were killed before they turned their attentions towards the tech coffins. They moved a fireteam of a Sukeul, a commlink Kamael and a Makaul up to try and open the nearest coffin – and fail spectacularly. On the other side of the map, The Taqeul Officer and their Triad moved up under the cover of Mirrorball smoke, giving their Monstrucker the opportunity to open the Coffin to reveal the first High-Value Target. Without any more resources, they moved their Diplomatic Delegate forward and prepared for a counterattack.
White Banner Turn 1
My initial order was to use the eager solo Monk on the right-hand side to avenge the brave fallen warriors of the Banner, however he failed to get the jump on Jaan as he shot through the dodging martial artist, killing him before he could land a single hit. The remaining hacker climbs down the far wall, and manages to skilfully avoid the Symbiobomb Endgame attack, only to open the Tech Coffin and find it empty. Concerned with my order count, I moved over to the other side of the map and moved up my Blue Wolf, swiftly taking down the Makaul and Monstrucker in single orders. The turret proves to be more difficult to shift, as it takes my remaining orders to take it down after it shoots a critical hit out of the air with one of its own. I put my Lieutenant on Suppressive Fire and await the next turn, having not realised that leaving the TAG exposed would jeopardise the entire operation.
Tohaa Turn 2
In a single opening salvo, the confident work that my Blue Wolf achieved came crumbling down as it tanked three well placed hits from a Sukeul HMG and went down in a single order from full strength. Jaan then takes my lieutenant head on, knocking her unconscious but losing their Symbioarmour and staying put for the rest of the game. Moving the Delegate up again and finishing off the unconscious TAG with the Sukeul, the Triad on the left hand side moves up and finds an empty coffin, confirming the importance of the left flank. The Guilang who had been waiting patiently deployed a mine as the fireteam walked past, stopping it in its tracks. Jaan’s final action of the operation would see them check an unconscious Zhanshi in case of infiltration, securing a classified objective for the alien forces. The Taquel Officer headed towards the building in front of them to secure some AROs.
White Banner Turn 2
The reinforcements dropped, regrettably too late to repair the fallen TAG, but in position to push into their HVT’s area and secure it. The Engineer sustains injuries from Endgame attacks as he rescues the HVT from the last coffin, but throughout the constant Pheroware attacks he pushes through and remains alive, moving away from them as the remote and the Dokkaebi fail to down the Sukeul and the Delegate, although a Symbiomate was expended in the process. The Makaul tries to advance on the right-hand side of the map, but the previously placed mine blew them away before they could dodge it. Lei Gong moves up with the Monk Haris and tries to use smoke to get into position to shoot, only for him to take damage and become isolated from Endgame and Eraser simultaneously. Further attempts by the Monstrucker to restore them from disconnection resulted in them becoming isolated as well. Liang Kai takes it upon themselves to try and strike down the Officer, but while they killed the symbiomate, Liang fell to a particularly devastating Endgame attack. In a last ditch attempt in reducing their forces, I coordinated an order between the Guilang, the Jujak, the Dokkaebi and the Weibing to take down as much as they could…with minimal success. Nobody fell and I was at their mercy, with no command structure to rout to.
The enemy reinforcements arrived, and were able to use a Rasail Boarding Team to burn Lei Gong down as the turret and his SMG killed the controller. But before anything else could be achieved, extenuating circumstances meant that we ran out of time and had to pull our forces out. We both opened two of the Tech Coffins, dominated a quadrant with a HVT, and threatened each other’s captive HVTs. However with the classified objective completed by Jaan Star, the Tohaa pulled ahead slightly and took victory for the day.
Tohaa Victory
White Banner: 6
Tohaa: 7

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