Sleeper Cell within JSA revealed at Bhai

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It is with a heavy heart I must confess an attempt at insurrection and subterfuge has been foiled this day.

For months, a cell of JSA soldiers had received specialised training and gear to match those of our most valued operatives.

As the JSA force moved out to gain intel at Bhai, the betrayal of the insurrectionists became apparent.

With symbiotes running amok, the JSA decide to eliminate the traitorous cell and make sure the betrayal is met with brutal efficiency.

An Oniwaban takes it upon himself to rush up to the NCO and Hacker and disrupt the chain of command. Catching them off guard, he blasts the hacker with his SMG and finishes off the NCO with his monofilament blade.

A Ghulam Doctor tries to get the attention of camouflaged operatives and the Onibawan while a further Ghulam Doctor and his trusty remote inch forward to cut off the mine-laying advances of a Ryuken-9.

In order to cut off the Oniwaban's escape routes, a parachutist Hassassin Ragik enters the scene.

With the attempts of baiting out AROs failing, the Ghulam Medic reveals himself to be a Hassassin Ayyar in disguise with Holomask.
He attempts to avenge his Ghulam comrades by shooting his breaker rifle at the Oniwaban, who falls unconscious.

The Zhayedan Lieutenant decides to keep distance to other operatives and climbs down a building.

Meanwhile, the Ryuken 9 Hacker decides to advance towards the Doctor+Remote. Unimpressed by a little robot with PARA CC, she swats it away and makes her way towards the Key Ops, who fails any and all attempts to move.

Caught in close combat, the two Key Ops trade blows. Ultimately, a D-charge makes quick business of the Ghulam Doctor.

The now-revealed Ayyar gets hit by a Heavy Rocket launcher to the face and can't seem to stop exploding. Meanwhile, a paramedic tries to shoot medic darts into the Oniwaban. With a shaky hand, multiple shots have to be fired. Alas, when finally hitting him, the syringe fails to resuscitate him, so he joins the souls he just killed.

The Zhayedan sees the Hacker Ryuken 9 and is able to incapacitate her with 4 HMG shots. The Ragik and Zhayedan then get into cover, bracing for the worst.

And the worst didn't keep them waiting.

The Ryuken 9 with heavy rocket launcher crits while aiming at the Zhayedan and makes the Lieutenant join his Ayyar colleague in exploding spectacularly.

The Ragik cannot be reached, but sees her chance as the enemy Lieutenant moved out of position, and breaks from a fireteam to chase her.

With one last attempt, two shots from a Boarding Shotgun seek to eliminate the Domaru.
They hit, but the armor holds true.

But the bloodthirsty Ryuken 9 with the Heavy Rocket Launcher generates one more ARO. And if it's one thing he hates, it's people not exploding.

To make his point, he crits one more time and paints another part of the University Campus a horrid shade of crimson.

Thus, the attempt to train a sleeper cell within the JSA ranks has failed. Many apologies, friends.

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