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The JSA and Haqqislam face off in a final battle at the Marina and Yacht Club in Montalbán. Miyamoto Mushashi is tasked with delivering Takeshi Oyama's Cube to High Command. Caught off guard by a Hassassin Bahram Unit, he hands off the Cube to an allied HVT and assembles a small force of Secessionists consisting of himself, an O-Yoroi TAG, a Son-Bae Yaokong and a Ninja Hacker.

On the other side, the Hassassin force consists of a Shakush with AP Spitifre and Yara Haddad in a Duo-Fireteam, A Haris-Firteam consisting of a Ghulam Hacker and two Barid Hackers, with one being the Lieutenant. To top off on subterfuge and smoke grenades, a Muttawi'ah and Daylami with one-use camo and a Panzerfaust join the battle. The HVTs on their side were a group of actors that have been undergoing an experimental treatment with a modified version of Silk (which makes the HVTs look like they're from Lord of the Rings). These HVTs have been instructed to comb over the interrogation data on Maki (a captured Rykuen-9 Killer-Hacker). The JSA hope to gain information on where she's being held by eliminating the HVT with the data.

The Terrain Setup

Turn One


The Hassassins take turn one and postion Yara in a great ARO position, as well as move the Shakush TAG on the middle Console. The pilot dodges a crazy koala placed by the O-Yoroi and leaves his TAG to try and hack one of the consoles, which does not succeed.
A Ninja Hacker tries to Total Control the TAG, who can shrug off the attack with it's high BTS value.

Seeing the Hacker, the Team of Hackers consisting of Barids and a Ghulam spring to action in a coordinated order. They assault him with Oblivion and Carbonite, which both succeed, basically pacifying the Hacker for the rest of the game.

The Muttawi'ah gets into position to take out a potential HVT.


The JSA spring into action and try to contest the established control over the midfield. The O-Yoroi places another crazy koala and gets a good line of fire on the Shakush. Many shots are traded with the result being the Shakush loosing two wounds.

Turn Two


The Muttawi'ah impetuously kicks off the second turn by moving up the board and placing a smoke grenade next to the Shakush to free him up from combat with the O-Yoroi. The Haqq TAG then tries to Gizmokit itself, which succeeds, putting it back on two wounds. The pilot then exits the TAG and successfully hacks the centre console, luckily revealing the HVT on his first guess. The Muttawia'ah moves up into line of fire of the HVT and fires his chainrifle into the underworld hacker, that could not succeed her save roll.

Meanwhile, the Hacker-Haris moves up the board to increase their coverage. The Lieutenant moves up to the Immboilised and Isolated Ninja and puts two rounds from his pistol into his chest. Not being able to make the save, the Ninja falls unconcious.


The time for Vengeance has come. Miyamoto moves up the field, but gets hit with pistol shots and a spotlight. Determined to not be incapacitated despite being wounded, he moves on the execute the Barid Lieutenant swiftly, then moves on to the Ghulam Hacker to deliver a very similar fate.

The O-Yoroi obliterates the Muttawi'ah in close combat while Yara is trying to force the TAG into submission with her AP Marksman Rifle.

TAGs facing off
The Shakush Pilot successfully hacking a console
"Barid" ending the isolated, immobilised Ninja

Turn Three


The final turn begins with the Haqqislam forces in Loss of Lieutenant. The Shakush Light Armored moves into cover and tries to lay low the O-Yoroi with four bursts of Spitfire rounds. The O-Yoroi's armor holds, as it retaliates with a burst of heavy flamethrower fire, which completely and continuously burns through the Shakush's defences.

The remaining Barid hacker moves up and succeeds in controlling the O-Yoroi via hacks. The Daylami jumps into position to be ready to deliver any remaining AROs.


Out of sheer spite and disregard for humanity, Miyamoto cuts down a random HVT (which happens to be the designated HVT). The Remote moves up to contest Yara Haddad with a missile launcher, but cover and armor keep her save.

Thus, the game ends.


The Haqqislam forces have been able to hack the middle console, as well as incapacitate the designated HVT which nets them 5 Objective Points. The JSA, through a sheer show of barbarism, are able to deny 2 objective points, but score none themselves.

In Conclusion:
I finally won against that Kolgart. And that was effort. Thank you for those games!

"Daylami" jumping into place to deliver Panzerfaust AROs

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