Vengeance, but at what price

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Sadly just a quick recap, as the deadline is in less than 45 minutes!

With Yara Haddad and Zuleyka Nazarova both missing, expeditionary scouting force Kilo Sierra, was sent to hold the objective and find out information on the Butcher of Bhai. The classified objectives were Telemetry (because, after all, it IS a scouting force) and In Extremis Recovery. Anyone connected to the Heavy Rocket Launcher-wielding Ryuken-9 might have vital information on how to get to this man, known to the Haqqislam forces as "the beast of Bhai".

Quick Recap


The Kum Bikers try to advance on a flank, but are missing vital targets, as well as coordination. Lots of smoke is being thrown by both the Kum Bikers and the Muttawi'ah present.

A Ghulam NCO fires a speculative attack via grenade launcher and incapacitates a Ryuken-9 Killer Hacker - the opportunity to recover this very vital team asset presents itself!

A Lasiq with Viral Marksman Rifle gets into a wonderful ARO position, while a Ghulam Hacker gets ready to hit the antennas.

In the JSA's active turn, the Kum Bikers get obliterated and some shots were traded, with the Ghulam Hacker holding his own against a Domaru.


The Muttawi'Ah is able to move up to the unconcious Ryuken-9 Killer Hacker and recover her - extremely. The Ghulam Hacker is able to hack the middle antenna and moves into cover. From there, he launches a couple of comms attacks and is able to spotlight important enemy units to gain the second Objective Point for Telemetry. The spotlight helps with the Ghulam NCO successfully wounding Takeshi Oyama.

Meanwhile, the JSA attempts to move up the field but finds this very difficult through well-placed ARO pieces. The standout moment of this round must be the Muttawi'ah, a 5 point model, incapacitating (and in a later turn killing) Takeshi Oyama - in close combat! A Ninja reveals himself deep in the Haqq side of the table and is able to take out a Hassassin Lasiq.


Haqqislam Forces set up defensively to deny attempts at the home console. One Hassassin Farzan with CoC hacks a second antenna, but gets critical rockets to the face for his efforts.

The JSA moves the Ninja into position and is able to dodge, parry and roll his way onto the Haqq console, which is now under JSA control.

This concludes the game with a score of 6 to 4 for the JSA, with Haqqislam having recovered Maki, the Ryuken-9 Killer Hacker for questioning...

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