The Butcher, slain. The battle, lost

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Super quick recap because of the time deadline.

Yara Haddad has misteriously survived that last encounter with the Ryuken-9 Heavy Rocket Launcher and is out for vengeance! With the intel provided by the captured Ryuken-9 Killer Hacker “Maki”, the team had all they needed to sizzle the flame of the Butcher of Bhai.
Basically what happened: The gameplan focused on two things: Hassassin Fiday and Al-Djabel taking out HVTs, AND a force of hackers spotlighting units for the Guided Missiles to shoot at.

Al-Djabel dies while dealing two wounds to a TAG in the first turn. The O-Yoroi gets take out by a Beserking Zamira Nazarova.
A Hunzakut and Hassassin Barids expand their hacking network.
The JSA take out everything that has an impetuous order in their first turn, but not before being spotlit through a deployable repeater.

Turn two, the Hassassin Fiday jumps into action. He finally, after 3 games of having to deal with this absolute nightmare, takes out the Ryuken-9 with Heavy Rocket Launcher. Morale in the Haqqislam ranks is restored.

The battle moves on with the Haqqislam forces seemingly having the upper hand in eliminating Key Ops and other threatening units.
Sadly, through slow movement in the backlines and bad positioning, the middle zone could not be controlled which ultimately had the Haqqislam forces only holding the zone closest to them with the enemy Key Ops killed. The JSA were holding both the middle objective as well as their closest, netting them 4 points.

End result: Haqqislam 3 : 4 JSA
With the Butcher of Bhai slain, the loss stung a little less, but that dang Kolgart! Never count him out!

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