Operation Purity

VS Ariadna

Played on 2023.10.08

Operation Purity : Mission Breifing

You have received intelligence that Shasvastii forces disguised as Ariadna are hiding in Okolnir. Kill all Ariadna troops stationed at that base. Do not forget to destroy the data storage as well, to cut off any room for chaos within the Quantum Containment Coalition.

Army List

Ariadna's main tool for Looting & Sabotaging is infamous SAS and Uxia. To prevent them to sneak in and blow my AC2, I brought minelayers as many as possible. Mines forcing them to cancel camo state. Then, Muttawi'ah(Jammer) will be our final goalkeeper.

To crack opponent's AC2, I brought Fiday, Kum & Zuleyka.

Turn 1 : Haqqislam

Fiday strikes!

To disable the use of sensors, Fiday sneaked in and killed controller with CC attack.

Turn 1 : Ariadna

Paracommando killed by Sunduqbut

Ariadna dropped Paracommando.

He managed to kill Haqqislam's sensor remote. Ariadna player thought 0 camo was Daylami or Liberto. Unfortunately, He killed by Sunduqbut's chain rifle.

Turn 2

Liberto got Mim -6!

Haqqislam moved Liberto to open panoply.

Liberto got Mimetism -6!

Ariadna player wanted to open panoply but Liberto soaked up entire order from Ariadna player's turn. 1 SAS killed by Liberto, Uxia somehow managed to kill Liberto but she immidiatly punished by Hassassin Farzan.

Turn 3

After 1 wound for AC2, Fiday got stunned.

Fiday runs into Ariadna's AC2 and successfully hit it. AC2 got 1 wound. But after that, he lost F2F & got stunned.

Haqqislam reinforced defence line before the turn ends.

Last SAS run!

After 1 SAS and Uxia died, Ariadna still got 1 more SAS agent! But SAS couldn't penetrate the strong defenses and isolated by Muttawi'ah's Jammer.

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