Execution at Bhai

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VS Haqqislam

// incomming transmission.
< load_relay_tac…
// waiting…
// upload_tanslate_run…
: program_initiate

JSA infiltration unit 4 … operation underway.. Recon finds… poss-… Defectors known alloca… extecu… Assets Required…

intercepted transmission.
< load_relay_tac…

Reconnaissance mission underway by JSA infiltration unit 4, Intel has uncovered defectors from the JSA who converted to Haqqislam forcee. Keisotsu members have are recruited by Ghulam personnel and assassin divisions. To be specific the Rahma Taskforce and League of Assassins. Cutthroat order has been initiated.

Oniwaban operatives infiltrated the facitilies and gained access to Haqqislam comms but are compramised. A cell of JSA soldiers, trained by Haqqislam have been waiting in ambush for our recon team. Possible double agents have integrated into JSA command. This betrayal shall not go unpunished.

Symbiotes have attached themselves to various units from both sides, further studies required to understand these infections.

– – – – – – – – – –


A Ghulam Doctor takes position
A Ghulam Doctor and Zhayedan take position
Maki moves forward as the key operative for this mission.
A Ghulam Doctor and Hacker start prone on their right flank
A Harris consitsing of a Kempeitei, Keisotsu and Domaru take a rear guard
A camo marker and paramedic take a vantage point

JSA Turn 1

The Oniwaban has been uncovered and fails to infiltrate. Running forward from the back lines, he rushes towards the Haqqislam NCO and Hacker. Unaware of the Oniwaban, the Hacker gets shot to pieces by an SMG and the NCO gets slain by a manofilament sword.

The rest of the JSA forces remain stationary, awaiting orders for a counter attack

The Oniwaban failed it's infiltration but runs across the zone. Shoots the hacker in the back and Slices through the other

Haqqislam Turn 2

The Ghulams advance being cautious of enemy positions on vantage points. The Ryuken unit 9 hacker lays down a mine in preparation for a counter attack.

A parachuting Ragik arrives, with hopes of taking down the Oniwaban and disturpting forces in the back lines of the JSA.

Unable to reveal any operatives in camo marker form the Ghulam medic in the center uncloakes himself from Holo mask state, revealing himself to be a Assassin Ayyar.

The Oniwaban is unable to beat him in a firefight and is left unconsciouss from a breaker rifle Burst.

With the attempts of baiting out AROs failing, the Ghulam Doctor reveals himself from Holmask state to be Ayyar who Guns down the Oniwaban who falls unconsciouss.

I'm response to this, these traitors will not leave this day unpunished, as the JSA initiates a counter offensive

Ragik Parachutes in!
Ayyar reveals himself from Holo Echo state and Guns down the Oniwaban

JSA Turn 2

Seeing the Ayyar reveal himself the Ryuken unit 9 with a heavy rocket launcher reveals himself with a surprise attack, sending two rockets towards his prey.

Hitting him with critical damage the Ayyar burns continously to ash.

With no one to retaliate the paramedic moves up and tries to shoot healing projectiles at the Oniwaban. Missing the first. Hits the second, but the Oniwaban physical attributes was not enough and flatlines.

Whilst the sounds of rockets and gunfire are heard on the northern side, on the opposite end, the Ryuken unit 9 hacker moves closer to her targets. Quickly dispatching the remote then dashing towards the Doctor key op.

Caught in a melee the doctor does not survive a blast from the hackers D-charges.

Maki takes out a REM and the enemy key operative with D-charges

Haqqislam Turn 2

Watching his comrades fall the Zhayedan darts around the corner and fires his HMG at the Ryuken hacker. She falls unconsciouss, with her mimitism not being enough to save her.

A last effort in order to save themselves the two remain operatives of Haqqislam hunker down and prepare themselves for the inevitable.

Zhayedan climbs down and manouvers to take down Maki

JSA Turn 3

The bloodshed spilt this day shall be avenged and all those traitors who defect from the JSA will be met with a sharp blade and unforgiving firepower.

Armed with a heavy rocket launcher, Ryuken side steps into view of the Zhayedan. The Zhayedan lays down a last series of HMG rounds but is greeted by 2 swirling rockets. The 2 rockets explode burning the Ayyar to nothing as he joins his fellow traitors.

The Kempeitei and keisotsu reposition themselves, whilst the Domaru makes a move towars the Ragik. But unable to reach him, the JSA await for their prey.

Ryuken unit 9 moves out and takes down the Zhayedan

Haqqislam Turn 3

With a final charge the Ragik steps into view of the rearguard, unable to take down the Domaru with her Shotgun, she meets her end against a single rocket from Ryuken.

End game
JSA – 10
Haqqislam – 1

With the scorched earth of the University campus, the JSA reports their findings to command.

These traitors will not leave this day unpunished. Let it be known to all those who oppose the JSA will be met with ruthless blades.

A last desperate attempt by the Ragik fails as Ryuken puts him down with a rocket
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