Final massacre to secure zone

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VS Haqqislam

++Report from ‘Kot^E’++

We out of time, but need to stop Haqq forces. Need to take some hostages.. but for everyone else we ‘EVACUATING’, okey? Le Muet, take positions, enemy already here!

Triphammer – EXP CCW, both Diggers – ADHL

1 Turn – Hassassins
Muttavi runs forward in a rage and throws smoke for the fireteam. McMorrow runs forward and lays smoke in front of them. Ghulam, taking responsibility, assists the fireteam in advancing. Yara engages Armand – Armand is wounded and takes cover. Muhib issues orders to take positions cautiously, preventing the enemy from having shooting opportunities. Asavira, taking a position, attacks Tanko – but Tanko’s armor saves them. Asavira decides to finish off Tanko after all – and Tanko falls unconscious. Then Yara kills the TR bot from the smoke. Asavira jumps onto the crates to see Le Muet and Desperado – Le Muet falls unconscious, and Desperado throws smoke. Daylam picks up the first civilian and moves towards the console for the specialists. McMorrow runs forward along the left flank. Muttavi runs along the right flank. The fireteam takes positions – Asavira lies on top, Yara takes cover behind a vehicle near the HVT, Muhib remains in ARO.

1 Turn – Ikari
The engineer runs towards the civilian, and Yaozao goes towards the TR bot. They attempt to repair – and on the second attempt, they succeed. The paramedic heals Tanko. An attempt to hit Le Muet, but it’s very difficult. The fireteam is reorganized. Triphammer passes by Fiday, an old friend. Notices Daylam. Next – shooting at two Daylams – both Daylams die. An attempt to kill Muhib with a chain colt – but their armor saves them. The Desperado drives along the right flank towards the engineer.

2 Turn – Hassassins
Fiday attacks Triphammer from behind in close combat – Triphammer is wounded. The fireteam starts moving towards the NCO. Asavira engages the revived Tanko – but a rocket hits her head, rendering Asavira unconscious. The Doc Brother revives her. Muhib commands them to scatter, in order to regroup later. Once again in the fireteam, Asavira engages Tanko – and Tanko falls unconscious once again. Asavira then attacks Desperado, who tries to dodge with smoke – the cover saves Desperado! She then engages the TR bot – and the TR bot falls once more. McMorrow runs along the left flank, evading Karakuri’s panzerfaust. Berserk attack on Desperado, who dies. After that, he lays smoke on the left flank. Now Ragik appears there. He tries to take our Diplomat, but she refuses. Second attempt – she refuses again. And he decides to simply heal himself.

2 Turn – Ikari
Bashi of the second group takes flight. He tries to kill Ragik but dies. Karakuri moves towards the building with Asavira. They try to dodge, but Asavira with the Spitfire falls. She then kills the Doctor and adds them to her ranks with the Spitfire. Desperado tries to approach Fiday, but Fiday dodges.

3 Turn – Hassassins
In a rage, McMorrow places smoke near my HVT. Muttavi attacks Desperado, but their armor saves them. Farzan takes the second civilian and runs towards the console. One civilian is sent away. He tries to take the second one, but fails to do so on the first two attempts, and finally succeeds on the third attempt. Ragik runs through the smoke towards Karakuri, attempting to hack her – she saves, while Ragik is blinded. He then simply enters the ZoC of Karakuri to stop her with ARO. Muttavi runs into the smoke, chasing after Triphammer. Muhib engages Karakuri, Triphammer, and Desperado – losing , but taking Desperado.

3 Turn – Ikari
The Warcor blinds Ragik to prevent him from hacking. The engineer engages Fiday, who throws smoke – Fiday is saved by armor. Triphammer engages Yara, Farzan, Muttavi, and Fiday – shooting at Yara and Farzan, Yara is knocked unconscious, Farzan is saved by armor, and Triphammer receives a wound from Muttavi. Karakuri moves forward – Ghulam moves closer. The lieutenant runs towards the Ghulam – and kills them from across the field. Karakuri runs towards the HVT, killing anyone in her path – and evacuates the HVT.

Draw – 2-2
But it was a massacre…

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