ALEPH scouting - show them no mercy


We played Cutthroat from Haqq location, cause we randomly chooses that mission and decide you extra rules from there

++Report from ‘Kot^E’++

Yamashi Hinzuro, douesn’t lose any battle at this key position. Now, we’re taking control of facility, so need to keep it. ALEPH scounting party shown up, try to check our communication – we decide to kill anyone, that we’ll see. With support from Tao Khans squad, we have enough power to defend better!

Booty ALEPH: Digger – Multi Sniper Rifle, Aida – EXP CCW
Booty Ikari: Triphammer – DA CCW, Digger below – Monofilament CCW, Digger upside – +1 ARM
Virus ALEPH: Digger, Aida, Armand, Myrmidon, Warcor
Virus Ikari – 2 Diggers, both Keisotsu, Armand, Krakot

1 Turn – ALEPH
The enraged Digger runs along the right flank. Ajax also advances towards the vehicle. Dart engages the Fugazi, but she is blinded. Le Muet shoots at Le Muet – our Le Muet falls unconscious, but the lantern blinds their Le Muet. Ajax jumps onto the truck and then jumps off. Krachot doesn’t hear anything. Ajax moves stealthily along the flank. Engaging Triphammer – his armor saves him, and the Tanko jumps closer to Ajax. The sniper Digger decides to take down the Tanko – but Blitzens turn the Digger into a brick. Berserk against Triphammer – he degrades, and Ajax also loses 2 wounds. The TR bot decides to change position and attacks Daiyokai and the Fugazi – Daiyokai is saved by armor, and the TR bot is blinded. Ajax attacks the Fugazi from behind and the Tanko – the Tanko takes a wound, but Ajax dies…

1 Turn – Ikari
Krakot, in his fury, runs towards Le Muet and Proxy Spitfire – and dies. The Paramedic tries to heal Armand, but misses. The Sniper Brawler engages the enemy Le Muet – but narrowly avoids death. The second burst – and Armand is saved by his armor. The Paramedic attempts to heal Le Muet – but he dies. The Brawler takes position again, and the enemy Le Muet falls unconscious. Yuan Yuan misses the enemies – lands near Daikai. Smoke covers Daikai as he moves forward, climbing onto a building and engaging Aida – no one gets hit. Desperado drives over a mine and Dart – she is wounded, Desperado is blinded. Another burst at Dart, Aida, and the lantern – nothing happens. Another burst – and Dart dies, Aida dies, the lantern remains intact. Daikai moves higher up to the lantern – but fails to destroy it and takes cover on the roof.

2 Turn – ALEPH
The TR bot attacks the Fugazi – and the Fugazi is destroyed. Then an attack on Yuan Yuan and Desperado, but they throw smoke – Yuan Yuan dies, but Desperado throws smoke. Machaon jumps off the building – he is the Lieutenant! And he moves along the left flank. Intuitive attack against Desperado – and he dies from the nanopulser. The Proxy Engineer descends from the building. He moves towards the Digger with his servant. In the end, the Digger revives and retreats.

2 Turn – Ikari
The fireteam jumps off the building, the Digger is blinded. They advance, taking positions on Machaon. Two attacks on Machaon and he dies. An attack on the lantern – it is destroyed. Aleph forces retreat.

Victory for old Yamashi Hinzuro. Robots dont have a soul.

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