No Sleep ‘til Huaqiao

Yu Jing
Lee Ho Fuk
VS PanOceania

Having stopped the Neo Capitaline mixed arms detachment again and again, the 138th Heavy Engineering Regiment, the so-called “Celestial Hammers”, had aimed a knockout blow at Huaqiao. The desperate Pan Oceanians had obviously been assisting the Japanese elements in the region, but they will think twice before interfering with our, most noble, interests in the area.
We had established early dominance with our Húsòng over most of the neighborhood close to the South Cooling Station. That was soon supported by both a Guijia Squadron and a Mowang. Chief Jeong, a group of brave zhanshi, and a Haidao Engineer all moved in as well. After several fierce exchanges between the Pan O Squalo, the Húsòng and the Guijia, we were victorious against their TAG.
It would be short lived. Ere long a fireteam of Bolts would emerge from cover and prove deadly to both of our heaviest units. He repaired his TAG and began to press an tactical advantage, even though I had opened three tech coffins and found two High Value Targets to bring before the Imperial Crane Agent waiting three kilometers away at our Joint Taskforce Mobile Control Command.
An unfortunate shotgun blast from their filthy Monstrucker confederate injured Jeong gravely.
In the end it would come down to a desperate run with his final, weary Bolt Team to secure control of the winning HVT. Only to stand horrifically transfixed, watch all four remaining Bolt be gunned down easily by the automated gun turret and that wonderful little Hùsòng. We won, substantially, but more importantly, bloodily. Our enemy is reeling and this will end, soon enough.

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Yu Jing
Lee Ho Fuk