First in, First out

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VS Combined Army

Nomads (N) vs Combined (C)

First turn (C) ran 8 Taighas up the board to push his border

(N) ran Zondnautica up and smoked and chain rifled through the smoke to kill a few troops

After 2 more turns of fighting and heavy losses

(C) Nox hacker Took an I’d and handed it off to Nox FO. Ran into the control room and ejected out. Fortified the rest of his troops in the room

(N) Let’s with only 3 remote and a warcor made a final run to put the baggage bots in the room.

1 made it in despite atempts of hacks and shooting. Last one got shot down before running in. Resulting in a failed mission for the Nomads

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Combined Army