Hannibal earns most of the paycheck

VS Ariadna

THis game was one of the most fun I've had in months, I played ForCo (the same exact list I couldn't play againist Lady Numiria. In this list I wanted an aggressive duo of massacre + spitfire bolt, but they ended up doing a core with Hannibal and Laxmee and this changed the game.

I won the Lt roll and elected to go second. I put Hannibal on the left flank and, on the opposite flank, the peacemaker, a haris (kaplan HRL, Beasthunter, avicenna) the monstrucker. I put the Chimera in the middle and that in hindsight was a mistake, I should've kept it on the right to support the haris.

Heletilla brought a list of MRRF built with the idea to bring MAX Viral sniper Loup Garous. scary aro core. apaches, metros and katyusha to complete, plus an Anaconda.

During the first order of the first turn, in a karmic mirror of my game againist her Yu Jung, she immediately lost her anaconda by shooting at Hannibal. He won the F2F and inflicted 2 wounds. The autoturret, who got to fire freely, hit and finished the job (we rolled at ARM 7 the last wound as well)

Hannibal lining the shot VS the AP spitfire anaconda, 30" away

On my left side an apache put my kaplan to unconcious and beasthunter (DOn Dakka again) all the way to dead. A Metro paramedic opened two objectives on that side.
The free monstrucker ran up and opened another cryo coffin, thus netting Heletilla 3 points and preventing me from scoring my three.
All in all a balanced 1st turn, thanks to Hannibal.
During my first turn I opened the last coffin (with Simon the useless wardriver!), Healed the kaplan up, used it in a coin-flip f2f againist a un-linked loup garou viral sniper, and got it to unconcious again (Avicenna face slapped)

THe second turn was basically a stare down, where nothing happened and all F2F became a "nothing". Most notably, the single Loup Garou who felled my kaplan, hencheforth nicknamed Le Batman, spent no less than 4 "entire order jump" to navigate the houses in the center of the map and line a wonderful shot againist my Bolt Spitfire, netting 4 impacts. Luckily BTS6 in cover is not that easy to kill.

You can't even see the bolt hiding in that bush... there's just that tiny little red helmet

During my turn I healed the Kaplan a second time and pushed to the center with him and Avicenna, to reinforce the core I already got there.

MRRF reinforcements arrived. two apaches, and another three loup garous in a haris, poised to defend ingress to the halway line. MRRF plan was to keep one quadrant each so she could win by the first three points she scored.
She shot the two apaches forward, sending my kaplan to unconcious a THIRD time, engaging avicenna and wounding her once, but, most importantly, charging at hannibal. Thanks to an intervening piece of cover the apache could not berserk and had to walk all the way up to see the prone Lt, which she shot at.
Not only hannibal survived, but Simon the Commlink Bording shotgunned the apache to dead!

Hannibal went to NWI

With the arrival of my reinforcements, I was confident. There were at least five loup garous in the center (maybe more, you never know until you look at the grid)and I needed to break through.

Ecliplse from massacre allowed my reinforcements (Anaconda+miranda duo, and a digger)to pass ofer the halfway line unscathed. The digger managed to template two loups to dead, with a bit of luck.

In the remaining five orders, the anaconda and miranda managed to lose a lot of F2F and kill a single loup garou, getting the anaconda wounded.

I was getting desperate, Heletilla had at least 110 points in the zone, while I had 98.
Then it hit me. Hannibal has the downside of costing a bit too many points.

Eclipse from massacre, two move orders for hannibal, one Caustious Movement and Bam, 136 pts in the zone.

WHen we drew the lines we saw that two garous were outside, so I got the zone 110 to 136. If both were in, she would've gotten it instead.

look at the digger just on the other side of the halfway line... so adorable

All in all, a great battle, from two fun factions. MRRF felt like the underdog, but those loup garous did score some important points

oh I forgot, the bolt died during my active turns, 10 shots on 10s VS 2 shots on 12. But I had no salt in me, because that was karma for the Anaconda.

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  • Kaminull says:

    Good breakdown, sorry you had to miss out on the narrative due to time constraints hope you can wake up early to maybe edit a narrative bit, but untill then see you In phase 2

  • Neon says:

    Hell yeah, ForCo vs MRRF, what a treat of uncommon faction matchups! Hannibal absolutely making mad bank over there, too. Great job on the win, Lieutenant!!