Humble Wars meets Shattergounds (match 1)

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania


Bogardan and I played Supremacy during Humble Wars, a tournament in Forlì (Italy)
Bogardan played Military Orders and I chose generic Yu Jing.
MO’s classified was Reverse Engineering
YJ’s classified was HVT: Espionage

MO won Initiative roll and chose to go first.
YJ chose to let MO deploy first.
MO kept a Warcor in reserve. A psicological trick or simple meme play? We don't know.
YJ kept Liberto as reserve.

Joan and its pain train: a timeless classic

First turn

MO first turn
Curator/Croiser duo moved up board, Curator got killed in ARO by Major Lunah. Pain traine core pushed forward. De Fersen proceeded to click upper left console and proceeded to kill Major Lunah. Tech-bee moved forward to contest a quadrant.

YJ first turn.
Pangguling moved frward to contest a qudrant. Shaolin moved to kill the QAZ creature, then contested the Tch-bee's quadrant. Hac tao reveals himself to kill Fugazi and Warcor. Hac Tao then moved forawrd to control quadrant. Liberto moved forward followed by a Beasthunter and stopped to threaten the core.

Points at the end of turn one:
MO 0
YJ 2

Second turn

MO second turn
Echaning shoots, AROs, templates and the like, the core managed to get an Hospitaller unconsius and the Liberto killed. Soon Hospitaller patched everyone back up again. The Hospitaller BSG, now alive but not in a fireteam, chose to run alone to kill the Hac Tao. This resulted in the death of the Hospitaller, the Hac Tao and nearby Guilang.

Second Turn
YJ second turn
Various small pieces are moved around to contest quadrants and consolidate position.

Points at the end of turn one:
MO 0
YJ 4

Hac Tao in all his hactaoness

Third turn

MO third turn
Reinforcement dropped. ORC clicked a console, shoot the Pangguling and clicked another console. The core moved forward to contest a quadrant.
YJ third turn
Reinforcemente dropped. Dokkaebi killed ORC with Trinity, clicked a console and scored HVT: Espionage. Hwarang mercilessly disassembled the Pathfinder, then Haetae killed Bulleteer moving in to contest.

Points at the end of turn three:
MO 3
YJ 7

End of the game

The game resulted in a YJ victory
YJ scored 7 operation points and 229 victory points. YJ’s MVP was Dokkaebi.
MO scored 3 operations points and 242 victory points. MO’s MVP was Hospitaller BSG.

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