Combined Cheesecake Gambit

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VS Combined Army
Combined army mentor WilfredoZone bringint troops against Mankind

++++++++++++++++++ RECEIVING INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++++++++++++++

From: Edda Beltway Service Area
By: Father Knight Luisjoey

As We fight to secure the line, many aliens appear from everywhere with weapons, breaking the supposed truce that has turned to be an alien invasion on edda.

We keep the crusade happening so we engage as many as we can.

As we were in the Service sector "Cheese Cake" the combined army advanced toward us in a dire offensive seizing initiative, they moved forward without respite taking our positions.

The alien leader named Sheskin appeared at first but was dealt by our sniper and panzerfaust from the knights, nothing remains from her... but suddenly an alien gwailos appeared.....

overview of the battlefield
Sniper Crossier Prada atop covers the position
Enemy Gwailos appear and bring down crossier prada and pin us
Combined army advance toward our position
Caliban Operatives appear and try to pin out joan of arc.
Joan of arc advances shooting all on sight inspiring the troops
But they were too many enemies hidden
the fire team Hostia suffers lots of casualties as the combined army pushes
Our push was stopped by a hidden hacker and the gwailos suppresive fire on the east

As we respond on our chance against the transgression, several teuton knights become wounded, and joan of arc makes a force push to break the enemy line, this scalates quickly! so she scream "DEO GLORIA" and charges forward bringing down the caliban, then a Malignos but was pinned down by vodoo hacking programs (carbonite) that put her intro a dire situation.

combined army attacks again

Crusader Knight fall from Skies to save the day

As the situation endures in trouble we get the help of an Crusader Knight that fall from sky behind enemy lines and shoot them out with his boarding shotgun, dealing out with the malignos, the enemy hacker releasing joan of arc from hidden control

Joan of arc free of all string, moves to outflank the enemy Gwailos and break enemy line

Joan of arc take the chance and outflanks the enemy breaking their line, she brings righteous lead over the gwailing saturating his nanoscreen shield and bringing down this dire creature, breaking their line and controlling the zone, to make a safe zone for the panoceania forces.

We arrested an enemy to interrogate about their operations
We have a triumph on this sector.



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  • byrok says:


  • Yolelito says:

    exelente informe luis gracias a todos los que hicieron posible esta campaña en especial a nuestro warcord luis joey. como lo dije antes wilfredo tienes con que viejo a los demas esto no queda aqui vamos con mas y un nuevo impulso. y bueno disfrute al maximo hice el mejor trabajo me voy contento y quedar detras de luis en puntos en el club es satifactorio a esperar la campaña proxima y seguir practicando el juego

  • WilfredoZone says:

    Hey! Good report. It’s a shame that I didn’t have enough time to make my report.

    It was really fun to play again!

  • Neviolami says:

    Excelente reporte! Siempre triunfante!