Combined Betrayal and Counteroffensive

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VS Combined Army
Second Battle of the night after the Fast Food Delivery
Deployment to defend on a different sector Rastus Square

++++++++++++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++++++++++++
+++++++++ 3NCR1pt3d+++++++++++++++++++++++++

From: Edda Beltway 534 Rastus Square
By: Father Knight Luisjoey.

As the combined army attacked us we entablish a safe zone for the panoceania and O-12 forces, We detected some different alien forms upcoiming our location, but sooner several operatives turned against us shooting and betraying with their speculo killer.

We Moved quicky to check out the line of defense.

The overview of the sector and configuration
Enemy spotted, moving to neutralize
Knight Crossier Prada atop the building covering the advance
Joan of arc advanced and have several questions about the own troops, but everything was ok. at first sight
Advance toward the enemy line

We seize the initiative and our operative Sniper Knight Crossier Prada was kiled by hostiles, so the alarms erupted and joan of arc advances, she engage the gwailos bringing out after lots of lead shot, there is an gwailos infestation, the betrayal is real.....

Teuton Knights advance toward the line bringing down hostiles.
Sheskin shoots her Pulzar on our troops, but we fight back
Joan of arc become pinned and was tried to oblivion her
Knight Hospitallier fall from the sky and neutralize the enemy but become seriously wounded.
Joan of arc itself dispatches the enemy hacker but become severly cut from the communications
Saying bye to the campaign

As Joan of arc advanced she was attacke by out same operative SO Callistarius that was a speculo killer infiltrator, but the knights deal with her, as joan of arc engages and bring down the gwailos.

Troops advanced toward the enemy position dealing out with several nox, pinned by our sniper; but then combined army seize the initiative and shoot at us with the shaskin pulzar wounding several troops but was tear down... it was expected to be dead after the recent combat.... was they clonning Sheskin.

Their line was broken and we controlled the 3 zones making a new safe zone... but for how long.....

Joan of arc became incommunicated and transmission are lost... this jamming could mean an incomming invasion.

We shall keep fighting!

thanks for readling here... D3vs Vv1t.....

EDDA is for humans

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