Sealed Breach

VS Combined Army

With Babou, we played this game last week, I did not get time to report it because I would like to make a full map animated movie of it… it took me so much time to did only deployment, that I refuse to continue. And I probably not take the time to make this report if I didn’t see that we are tied for this field against Yu Jing… but bad boys need to pay ! So here is my report, for the Great Japan !

Neko Oyama, man in charge of this mission :
We've been deployed on this research facility after our forces engaged Shasvastii troops entered the area. Our first fight against Combined Army occurs two weeks ago. They down one of your civil evacuation ship but we managed to rescue our HVTs. See the report here :

So for today, our orders were crystal clear : find and annihilate every Shasvastii forces, and hack their console to know what entry point they use to infiltrate the area.

We where just set in place that one of us, as we thank at that time, opened fire is the back of a domaru forward observer. One other of my great domaru brother managed to dodge in close combat with what appear to be not a vile traitor, there is none on JSA forces, but a speculo "killer". Well, that "killer" went killed by our marsial artist !

As they showed their presence, ennemy forces became less cautious and run in front of us. Hopefully, I setted up a good defense with the fireteam of tankos in my left. The tanko missile launcher hit a M-drone and made gwailo, and two M-drones fireteam out of combat in one missile. Great job soldier, it honors you !

After what noctifer enter in game and managed to down the guyong and one of our brother by firing at the fireteam. The vile beast hidding them with TO camo just after.

In response I lead my guys to the middle field. We managed to spot what I am sure is the one who make the Shasvastii enter this protected area... one of the great dishonored evil : a Yu Jing fellow.
Trying to cover that traitor of the humankind, the mentor reveal himself but one of my brothers kill him. Because the Yu Jing are again involving, my brother lost is calm and did'nt manage to activate the antenna...

In loss of their lieutenant, ennemy forces were too disorganised to make us lots of damages.
They tried some insidious move on the left flanc, with a caliban armed with spitfire, but we pressure them so much that they couldn't aim properly. Better for us, our repeared guyong took the noctifer down !

So we push our advantage on middle field and engage the caliban. And killed him. A malignos try to stop us but then prefer to go down under the heavy fire of my brother and his spitfire. The other team get one antenna and I managed to go to their console. But we know that a caliban was lurking... so close...

As they see our great anger, they tried to die with honor. As the malignos, wishing to deal is life by doing lost of damages to our forces. Evenlly, he died and we lived.

We where trying to cover all the field, but the beast finally run to one of us, tear him and finally eat him !

This great affront will not be unpunished ! So we charged the beast and a legendary fight occurs... where another great warrior been eat...
So I sweared : "on my honor and my soul, I will kill you, dirty space shrimp !"
And so, I did.

After that glorious win, I went to their console to extract their entry point coordonate. And gave the order to eradicate all the suffocating bugs. No mercy for the ones who tried to get our ground, eat our fierce warriors !

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