Billie, Hero of Corregidor

VS O-12

Billie, the hero of Corregidor

Corregidor vs Starmada.

I chose to go second.
My opponent chose the board edge and asked me to deploy first.

I’m a newer player, and I went with units that I know so far.
I deployed both of my Morans infiltrated, up high and prone near the middle of the board, to spread out my hacker net. I also had them drop a CrazyKoala each, to cover up the two central lanes. I forward deployed a secret camo marker (totally not my Sombra) near the middle of the board as well. I then deployed my other secret camo marker and rolled for Booty… my Bandit gained… a DA CC Weapon (which it already starts with).
I put my Warcor at the end of one of the central lanes and Billie at the end of the other.
I had my Evader up high in the corner, behind some cover so he could keep a good eye on my beacon (the “flag” objective). I had a Harris of a Vostok, Jaguar and Alguacile Paramedic start in the middle of my deployment zone mostly hidden behind a building (mostly). My Vertigo was in the very back corner of my deployment zone, with Valerya guarding right next to him.
In the other corner I had Jazz and my LT Alguacile. I held back McMurder to deploy after my opponent.

My opponent deployed much better than I did. She had a fire team up high in the back corner, with a sniper to watch over pretty much half the board. She had a Harris on the other side behind the tallest building. She had some camo markers deployed in one of the main lanes, and had a flash bot covering the other.

Round 1:

My opponent went first and had the Harris scale the tall building with climbing plus and some super jump. She got her team into a fantastic vantage point. She had one of her forward deployment camo markers scale a wall, and fired a shotgun blast in the back of one of my poorly positioned Morans (he was facing the wrong way!) Jazz ARO’d through the repeater and got a successful spotlight hack off, but my Moran didn’t survive. Casualties already. Not off to a great start!
The sniper Harris on top of the tallest tower took some good shots on the other Moran, who returned fire but missed. My opponent’s aim was true, and my second Moran was now unconscious. That same Sniper picked away at my Vostok, who wasn’t hidden as well as I thought. The Vostok returning fire was not good enough, and by the end of the first turn he was dead as well. My Warcor fell pretty early as well.

My first turn, I tried to take out my opponents snipers with my Evader, but the enemy had smoke grenades and dodged my shots. My Vertigo Zond fired a guided missile at the spotlit enemy, but the enemy dodged. My Sambra moved up and hacked the Harris sniper team with a WIP roll, I successfully completed my classified objective (DataScan) and had a point on the board!
She went prone and crawled up some stairs to hide. My bandit moved up but was discovered by the enemy flashbot, she fired her adhesive launcher and immobilized the flashbot. She made a run for the enemy flag, but was pinned down by the corner sniper (Core fireteam). My Jaguar and Paramedic Alguacile (Duo) moved up and knocked out the flashbot, disabling the enemy’s repeater network. McMurder dropped some chain rifle templates, the enemy took some wounds, but still survived.

Round 2:

The snipers took out our favourite werewolf mercenary, McMurder. Then took out our Jaguar and Paramedic. A surprise enemy unit appeared out of nowhere (parachutist) and sniped Valerya with a Panzerfaust, she fell unconscious.
I’m losing units left and right.
I started singing “all my friends are dead”
The enemy sniper tried a shot against Billie, but Billie won that face off and blinded the sniper with a flash pulse.

My turn, my lieutenant moved up and traded shots with this new mystery parachutist, they both survived. Jazz wanted to hack this new arrival who was a threat against our flag, she threw out a repeater with her pitcher, but missed.
My Evader took a shot at the blinded sniper, and took it out! Finally some revenge for our fallen friends. Jazz threw another repeater out, this one landed. She was able to successfully spotlight through it and caught the parachutist.
We really wanted to launch a guided missile but oh no I miscounted, no more orders!! Maybe next round!

Round 3:

My opponent took out my Evader and then made a move for the objective. She tried several times to take out Billie, but Billie is a very good robot, and just flash pulsed everyone that came near him. He was like Oprah, and the gift of the day was BLINDNESS!

My opponent wasn’t able to get to the objective with the orders she had remaining, so she forfeited the match.

Wrap up

My opponent wasn’t able to get to the beacon.
We called the game there. Nomads winning 1-0 thanks to the DataScan classified card and Billie, the hero of Corregidor

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